I programmed my dreams with God and Eros to work on my dreams about creating a relationship. I woke up at 4am in the morning, and lost the dream that I had.

I woke up again about 7:30 AM to this dream. In my dream, this guy was in a golf cart, and he asked me to go with him to a restaurant in the Kmart parking lot about 12-15 minutes from where I live depending which route we would have taken in a golf cart. It is pitch dark outside, and I’m not wearing my glasses. I was afraid I would not see anything without my glasses in the dark. I was afraid to go, so I turned him down. It did not feel safe to me.

In the next part of the dream, I am walking with a group of people inside a building down a corridor/hallway.   It is raining inside, and I am being rained on. Someone saves me a piece a cake, and it has my name on it. I did not want to eat it, because in three days I’m going on a cruise (for real). I ate a piece anyway. Then I had some popcorn sitting in a cubicle, and there were nuts next to it. The squirrel came and ate the popcorn kernels (not the popcorn).

To me the dream about the guy driving in the golf carts night  is about my fear of the unknown in relationships and about sharing my space. I am also afraid of the dark, and I actually do not drive at night because of my fear of the dark. Raining inside on me makes me feel emotional. It also feels like some kind of cleansing and healing is going on. The squirrel represents something interesting to me. I am unable to eat nuts or popcorn, due to the fact that I cannot digest them properly. I have some problems with chocolate too, but I am OK with eating chocolate if I do not eat it on a daily basis. I am trying to stay away from chocolate right now, because I’m leaving on a cruise this weekend. To me, that means that I am having some problems digesting my dreams with Eros in regards to love and relationships.I had a feeling, but now I know for sure after this dream that my digestion issues have to do with relationships and being hurt a lot over the years.  I would like to be in a relationship, so that I can deeply connected someone and share my sacred space. I am afraid, however, of “upsetting the apple cart” so to speak. When I “upset the apple cart”, I start having more digestion problems.