Last night I programmed my dreams with Pluto, God Of wealth, Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and Archangel Ariel. I don’t mind telling you that I had some very strange dreams last night.

First, before I tell you my dreams, I have to tell you that my air conditioning went out yesterday, and it was not being fixed until today. I ended up  sleeping on the couch halfway through the night.

Dream Scenerio 1 – I was in a car, looking back at where I was leaving from. My interpretation is that I was saying good bye to the old  core beliefs and stories that are running me about money, and moving forward in my journey to new core beliefs.

Dream Scenerio 2 – I am in a crowded place, and there are many people trying to find a spot to sleep. I found a spot on the couch with my pink comfy blanket. I know where that came from-sleeping on the couch with my pink confy blanket.

Dream Scenerio 3 – I am in some kind of resort or large convention. There are a lot of people milling around. I found the place to order sandwiches. I am expecting a friend of mine in this dream, but she seems lost. She finally found me, and we sat and ate our sandwiches together. The sandwiches were filled with meat.  Well, I feel like this dream meaning I am being spiritually and financially nurtured due to who I programmed into my dreams. This dream was also for a friend of mine who is in need of being spiritually and financially nurtured.

Scenerio 4 – I see a man and a woman holding hands. There is a plus under the woman and a minus under the man. I feel like this is letting me know of the balancing within me of the yin yang (feminine masculine). I feel like I am going strongly into my feminine (more softness within me) when it comes to relationships, and I am less in the masculine (less having to be in control)