Today's Fairy Messages

Last night, I programmed Celtic Fairy Queen/Goddess Aine (pronounced Ayna) and the fairies  to work with me in my dreams. 

Goddess Aine is the Celtic Goddess and Fairy Queen of love, desire, soul mates, sexuality, romance and fertiity.  She is a teacher of love, and she can help make our visions of love a reality. Aine is a deeply passionate goddess and fairy queen, and, and so I worked with her in my dreams for healing my inner child.

I have  worked with her before in doing inner child work while I have  meditated. Since she has had a profound effect on me while meditating in the past, I felt like it was time for us to work together in my dreams. This year, I became a Certified Fairyologist through Doreen Virtue, so the fairies are a part of me.

I woke up at 3:40am with a strong feeling that the fairies were working with me in changing my patterns and beliefs.

I woke up at 6:55am from the following dreams:

I am trying to decide if I should purchase newletter making software. It cost either $30 or $60. My main concern was whether I could copy and paste the HTML into my regular newsletter that I use. My decision was not to purchase it.

In the next dream, the light was staying on all the time in my office, and I am pondering as to whether or not to turn it off. I kept the light on.

I come home to find a bunch of men in my house. My mother was there too. I went to my bedroom, and I wanted to go to sleep, but all of a sudden the TV started blasting really loud. I could see that the guys had left my bedroom a mess, but the bathroom was a horrible nasty, dirty mess. There were safety pins in the toilet. I went to where they were watching TV, and I told the guys to clean the bathroom and the toilet. One guy said that he had taken most of the safety pins out, and there were only a few left. I started crying and begging them to clean the toilet. the bathroom and my bedroom, but they were not budging. In fact, I felt like they were not taking me seriously, and that they were humored by my tears.


The newsletter part of my dreams was quite interesting. In real life, I have been considering moving my newsletter to a different hosting site. Obviously, that was on my mind; HOWEVER, in reflecting on this part of the dream, I realize that copying and pasting the HTML to me means  that if I bought the software I would be repeating the same patterns, beliefs and childhood scripts in relationships as before. I was really hesitating, because I did not want to spend the $30 or $60. As far as the memories of my dreams, I did not purchase the software-an excellent decision on my part. The number 30 represents the Ascended Masters and God and the number 60 is an Angel Number reminding me that all supply comes from the Universe. 

The Fairies are trying to get my attention for sure with the loud TV. They want me to look at my patterns and beliefs with men. For me, it represents that there has been interference in the healing of my patterns and beliefs in relationships.

For me, the very nasty dirty toilet and bathroom represents  all the not so pleasant “stuff” (fears, insecurities, patterns and beliefs) that my inner child has been dealing with, and it is all coming up for me to see. The safety pins, for me, represents that my inner child is trying to hold it together on the outside and also has been trying to keep things buried. Also, the safety pins represents trying to stay safe and protected; and since most of the safety pins have been removed, I am healing. 

The guys all in the house with my mother, to me, represents all the guys from my past who did not take me seriously. My mother being there in my dream with the guys, I feel, shows me that she had a negative influence on my love life. The one guy saying that he had removed most of the safety pins means that my inner child is slowly healing, but that there is more to heal. I am crying and releasing the past and asking them to clean the toilet and remove the safety pins. I want to be taken seriously by men. My inner child wants to be loved, and I want to be loved.