It is never too late to find the love of your life, your soul mate and epic love. 

Don’t waste another second of your life waiting for him or her. Take action today. 

Close your eyes and imagine yourself falling asleep in the arms of your future beloved. You feel safe, loved warm and wanted. Can you see him/her? Your future beloved is waiting for you to open your heart, mind, body and soul to them. Don’t let another day go buy without attracting your soul mate. Manifest your Epic Love Story NOW. My Psychic Coaching Sessions are over the phone or skype, and you receive a reiki healing after each coaching sessions. For more information on what is included in each program, please click on the appropriate links above.

Epic Love is Soul Mate Love. Soul Mate Love is what we all as emotional human beings strive for in our lives. In my psychic coaching programs, I work with SINGLE men and women in removing inner blockages from this lifetime and past lifetimes that prevent them from being in a soul mate relationship, so that you can create your own EPIC LOVE STORY. We all have more then one soul mate in this lifetime, and wouldn’t you just love to have EPIC LOVE each and everytime you are single. These programs are for men or women who are currently not involved in a relationship. I combine my psychic insights and reiki healings in my programs. These psychic love coaching programs do not promise to find you a relationship that will last “forever”. Everyone is different, and my coaching programs work on everyone differently depending on how much you work the program you have chosen.

I am divinely able to assist you, guide you and support you in your love goals. I love connecting couples in love, intimacy, sexuality and with a combination of my psychic insights, my gifts as a love coach, intuitive reiki healings, affirmations, visualization, etc. In my psychic love coaching sessions, not only do I help guide you into the loving arms of yourself, I help guide you into the loving arms of your next soul mate relationship. I also concentrate on removing stuck emotional and sexual energy and negative past life love karma.

I have a been a professional psychic love coach since 1985 guiding my clients into the arms of their beloved, helping  clear up relationship issues and helping them to feel and experience love.  These programs are designed to help get to the heart and soul of your relationship issues.  I am fully committed to help you transform into the woman/man who deserves to be loved; however, love cannot flow through a heart that is covered with negative memories, anger, fear, grief, etc. Those blockages just prevent us from feeling love, experiencing love, trusting love and giving love. The reiki healings that come along with these programs are designed to help transform you within your heart and soul.

 Love is a beautiful God given feeling given to us at birth. In order to feel fullfilled and this life, our heart really needs to feel love. I understand totally what you are going through, because I have been through it as well. We all what to connect with someone spiritually, emotionally and sexually. Before you can love another, you must love yourself first; otherwise, we attract mirrors of ourselves. You must stop the pattern now in order for you to have Epic Love.  We need to resolve what is covering our hearts in order for us to have fullfilling relationships. We attract who and what we believe we are. This is where I come in. I help your heart and soul to feel again.