Linda Kaye
Dream Coach & Love Psychic Medium
The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams

Last night, as part of my nightly dream journey, I programmed my dreams with God. I asked God to work with me in my dreams in guiding me and lighting my path to more financial security  and for guidance in becoming a marketing genius for my business in a surprising way that I will recognize. I also asked for the continued raising of my vibration to a higher level of enlightenment also in a surprising way that I will recognize.  Check out my dream recall and my dream interpretation below.


I am in a beach like atmosphere. There are a lot of beach lounge chairs lined up. Each lounge chair has a triangle/pyramid of many different words written in small letters. I think we have to match ourselves with the chair. At one point, I think I had to share the lounge chair. There is someone new with me at my chair (possible a new love interest). I see an old love interest shows up. I give him a chair a little bit of a distance away from the chair I am at with the new love interest to keep them separated. I feel guilty, because I am ignoring the old love interest , so I bring the old love interest to connect with the new love interest. The old love interest decides to leave. The prime feeling I had in the dream is GUILT.


When I wake up, I struggle to hold the memory of that dream. Lucky for me, I am able to catch the dream. At first, I feel a little disappointed that the dream is not about prosperity; then again, isn’t it? For me, the old love interest and the new love interest could represent the need to let go of the old outdated guilt that keeps me from being in the present and that keeps me from accepting the gifts from the universe, because deep down inside I feel like I don’t deserve them. I am ignoring the old love interest at first, but then I realize that I cannot ignore the guilt and those old beliefs that I have been carrying around, so I invite him (the guilt) to join us. He (the guilt) decides to leave. The pyramid/triangle of tiny words to me is the path to raising my vibration. I just have to connect with the right vibration. Being that it was in a beach like atmospher, it represents in my dream a place of transition between my physical self and my spiritual self.


I  am wanting to become a marketing genius on my own in promoting my kindle ebook SOUL MATE SERIES (3 books); perhaps represented by words on the pyramid/triangle. Yes, I know that I can hire someone (and I have someone in mind, but I want to do it on my own.


Continue to program my dreams with God for driving me to a higher vibration, for more financial security and direction for marketing my kindle ebooks.  After all, my goal is to become a marketing genius. I am putting it out there to YOU the public that I am open to being on YOUR new age metaphysical, personal growth, psychic, etc. radio show doing free readings and promoting my SOUL MATE SERIES.