I asked Lord Ganesh before I went to sleep last night to work with me in my dreams last night to guide me in matters of prosperity and to remove any inner blockages to increasing my wealth. First I must tell you, I am not destitute, and I make a nice living. I would love to travel the world.. This is a deep desire that I have. I just now had a realization as I am writing this blog that I can program my dreams to travel and go on more cruises.  My goal is to be able to go on at least 5 cruises a year. I am so excited to program my dreams with the travel angels tonight! WOOHOO!

Last night, I woke up from a dream at 11:55pm.  Dreams during this time may have to do with unresolved anger, purification and the will to live. Dreams during this time can also reveal areas in our lives that need to be cleansed or purified. Our dreams  during this time may also have to do with the future and regeneration. This  dream segment was about Money. I was saving huge amounts of quarters lined up in rows in a box. All of a sudden all of the quarters tipped over, which meant that all the quarters had to be put back into their proper alignment like they were in. They were not lost. They just had to be recovered right from the spot that tipped over in. I thought of using a strainer to help put all the quarters back. At one point, I got locked in a bathroom stall, and I was screaming and hysterically crying to get out. I thought someone was purposely holding the door closed, so I would not get out; either that or that the light in the bathroom stall went out.

Wow, this dream segment was very revealing to me. It showed that I have no reason to worry about money and that I have all the money I need already. It is also saying that everything is in it’s proper order and already aligned with the universe. I am being shown that I am aligning with the universe for what I desire in my life. It is just that my fear and belief of lack is the only thing that is keeping me from seeing that I am divinely aligned with the universe for my dreams, goals and ambitios.  Being locked in a bathroom stall made me realize that I am the only one holding myself back.  Now it is time to put that fear to bed and breakout of the box that I placed myself in years ago.

The  next segment of the dream occurred was somewhere around 5:30am. During this time, our dreams we could be receiving dreams about other people. It could also concern things that are clogging up our lives. My dream was about a friend of mine that I have known for 20 years. I dreamed that my friend legally changed his last name to Ford. In the dream I thought he did it, because his name was too long, but in real life his name is very short.  In the dream, I thought that this man was hiding from his creditors, because in real life he is way over a million dollars in debt. I also dreamed that he got married. I was very happy for him. My friend and I were always close friends, and at one time about 15 years ago, we were involved in a relationship for a short period of time. I do not feel that close to him anymore. To me, he is a a different person then he used to be; or maybe it is me that is different. Our friendship doesn’t bring the same energy to me as it used to. The last name Ford brought to mind the Car mogul Henry Ford. This might be a message for him that financially things are getting better for him.

The next thing I know I got a sense of being  splashed with yellow paint like in a modern art painting. You could see my leg and foot pointing out. This gave me a sense that everything is looking bright and that the light is coming on inside of me. The sun is shining on me.