While on the recent Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, October 15-22. and also through my dreams, I have been asking for a much clearer connection with my Higher Self/my inner God. I am also asking for my Higher Self/my inner God to work with me in my dreams (and while I am awake) to point me in the direction I need to go with the book that I am writing called “How To Know When Someone Is Thinking Of You”, with my dream coaching business, with my psychic and reiki healing business, with my finances, with my love life and with my health. I am also asking for the continuation of the process of raising my core vibration that was started from receiving healings from Mas Sajady (a very powerful healer) on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise. I have noticed that since I have been asking while I am dreaming and sleeping and while I am awake for continued  raising of my core vibration that my psychic abilities have intensified and so have my healing abilities. Whereas before I did distant reiki healings when I got off the phone with a client, now I am doing guided reiki healing meditations while on the phone.


Last night, I woke up from my dream at 12:59am.  I dreamed that the closet door fell off it’s tract. I lifted the door up and put it back on it’s tract, but I remember thinking in the dream that it only looked like it was fixed. Also, in the dream, I was going to a workshop with my mom and my brother. We figured out the time of the workshop, so we decided to go together. In the meantime, I was in the kitchen with my mother, and there was lumps of peanut butter all over the spoons. Instead of washing the peanut butter off the spoons, I threw  them back in the sink. When it came time to go, I yelled out my brother’s name that we were leaving. He joined my mother and me as we were going down the stairs carrying a lot of stuff to take with us to the workshop.


I believe that I am healing the issues between my brother and me and between my mother in me. I have been carrying a lot of baggage for years regarding them. The workshop represents a place within me to heal and work through my issues. For me, going downstairs is not necessarily a bad thing. It means to me that I am getting rid of all that baggage. It is like a huge spiritual shift within me, and it feels like I am unloading stuff (baggage). We were going to unload baggage. It is as if I am saying “Come on. I am letting you go now”. The spoons in the sink with peanut butter on them represents how sticky the emotional baggage has been. Instead of worrying about removing all that sticky emotional stuff, I let it go.

According to the book by Denise Linn called Hidden Power Of Dreams, dreams that occur between 11pm and 1am represent the gallbladder. Dreams during this time focus on unresolved anger. This is also the time for courage.


I woke up from the 2nd dream at 6:54am. In the dream I have my purse, and I have a set of 3 maps/instructionsdirections in my purse. I am trying to figure out which set of  these maps/ instructions/directions I should take, and I believe that all three maps/instructions/directions will lead me to the same place.

Dream Interpertation

A purse represents my state of mind and how I feel about. money, my value and my identity. I asked my higher self/inner God to point me in the direction I need to go, and all that information is within me now.

The number 3 in my dream represents my body, mind and soul. In the dream, I am being led in the direction of perfect harmony for my body, mind and soul. This is why all three maps/directions/instructions are all going to the same place. I do not have to choose. It is within me. I am being balanced.

Dreams between 5am and 7am, occuring during large intestines time. These are dreams  have to do with cluttering up or clogging up our lives.

As I am blogging this, I am being told by my Higher Self/my inner God that the path will be clearer to me in the next 11 days.



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