I have had many dreams in the last few weeks; however, I chose to mark those dreams private. Last night, I programmed my dreams  with  Goddess Aphrodite and Archangel Raphael in helping me to experience deep healing and restorative sleep. I also asked them  to work with me in whatever healing needs to be done while I am sleeping and dreaming and while I am awake in reawakening my inner sexy Goddess.  .


A bird was playing me a song and maybe even calling my name on the door knocker. It seemed like a hummingbird or perhaps it was a fairy, because of the way it was flying and flittering around me like magic, and it was especially flying  around my face and my mouth. It was so unusual that I was telling people about it.


I believe within the depths of my soul that the energy that was flying around me was reawakening my inner sexy goddess. Many years ago, I took a love, intimacy & sexuality workshop and connected with my inner Goddess. I felt her in my heart. I was so inspired by her that I wrote a book called Sexy Love Affirmations, which is now in kindle ebook format. I would love for you to read it, so you too can be inspired by the Sexy Goddess energy that I felt in my heart. I will continue to work with this Goddess energy in my dreams tonight.