Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael to removing blocks to raising my wealth, success and love frequencies and I also called in Saint Anne. Saint Anne has a prayer that goes something like this “Saint Anne Saint Anne find me a man as fast as you can”. I also let her know that he had to be a soul mate and not just any man.

I dreamed of two parades. One parade was at the club where I live and the other parade was on TV. Unfortunately, I missed both parades. The floors had scuff marks all over them, and they needed to be redone. I felt left out of all the activities. I also dreamed that a friend of mine had some kind of special psychic reading done, and it was all written down on paper. She showed it to me. I am then outside with all these people. I see this dog, and I asked the woman who had him on a leash if he was friendly, and she told me no. The next thing I know, the dog turned into a man (small in size) with a very sexy deep voice. I was very attracted to him. We were talking, and he told me that he was in his 50’s. I told him my age as well.


I am starting with the dog who turns into a man. The woman who had him on a leash and who told me that the dog was not friendly, to me, represents the constraints about men and relationships that I feel came from my mother who always told me in her own way that men were not safe and they would use me.  The dog magically turning into a man with a very sexy deep voice and very masculine who I was very drawn and attracted to represents that there is a soul mate on the way and that I am healing. I literally feel the sexy hotness of him as I am writing this. His energy is still around me.

The number 5 in this dream (representing his range of age) means that I am expressing a deep desire to “break free” from the old constraints and restraints that have been holding me back.

In the dream, I missed 2 parades. To me that means  I feel like I am missing out on invitations for Thanksgiving dinner.

The special reading that my friend had was a psychic prediction; however, I do not remember what was written.