Last night I programmed my dreams with Archangels Michael, Ariel and Raphael and of course my Guardian Angel. I asked them to work with me in creating some  new core belief about myself. There is one core belief about myself that I would love to shift- that I get to keep everything and everybody that I love in my life (including money). I have had the opposite core belief since childhood. I also asked them to help me to step into my power. I woke up and journaled my first  dream without looking at the time.


I dreamed that I was receiving some kind of healing. There were 3 healers performing a healing on me, and I know they were Archangel Michael, Archangel Ariel and Archangel Raphael.  I am very grateful for their healing energy.


Someone appeared in my dream wearing one of my wigs. In real life, I have about 40 of them, but I do not wear them very often. I do, however, love wearing them at night on cruises and to the night club here at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort. The woman wearing the wig was wearing a shirt and jeans that looked very drab on her. She looked very plain.  That woman, I believe, was representing me. In real life, I have a  bright. colorful and pink facade, but underneath it all I am afraid of feeling and  being seen as ugly  drab and plain.  

This woman was upset, because she paid $90 to style the wig on her head. Number 90 is an Angel Number. The Angels are letting me know that  some of the deep unwanted core beliefs that I have been carrying around since childhood are coming to a conclusion and that they are being replaced with new core beliefs.  Thank you God, because my deep seeded negative core beliefs and issues are finally coming to an end.  They are also telling me to trust in the changes and opportunities that are about to appear in my life that are coming from replacing  my outdated beliefs. I believe within the very depths of my soul that these changes will have long-term positive effects on me. My core beliefs have been altered and changed for the better. I feel like I am receiving blessings from God. I am grateful.


I was in a place surrounded by lots of people, and I saw Courtney Cox from the show, FRIENDS,  sitting and having either lunch or dinner with someone. I believe we interacted and communicated in the dream.  I have asked the Archangels in past dream programming to help me to get rid of the need to be alone in life. Yes, I have friends; but there are times when I feel alone. I have never remarried, and sometimes I want to isolate myself, because being around a lot of couples makes me feel even more alone. This segment of the dream  is showing me that my friends are all around me, and that I am not alone. I am loved.


In this  dream segment, there was a condo for sale here where I live at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort. First they asked if I wanted the condo. I said no, because the condo is not me (very plain, ugly and drab). My condo that I live in has my bright, colorful and pink stamp on it. I did, however, help find this girl to buy the condo, and I received a gift of money for helping the real estate agent make the sale. I could not believe that someone would buy such an ugly, drab and plain condo. The girl represents the me that is afraid of being ugly, drab and plain and not accepting that belief about myself. In the dream, I turned down the condo, which means that I turned down that negative core belief about myself and that I am beginning to shift within myself. I am claiming my bright and beautiful Goddess self.


I pulled a card from the Gateway Oracle Card Deck this morning (Denise Linn’s oracle card deck on dreams). The card I pulled is OPENING TO LOVE. My heart is open. I then pulled a card from the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Card Deck (Doreen Virtue), and the card I got was DIVINE INTERVENTION. The Archangels certainly did that for me last night. Lastly, I pulled a card from Archangel Michael’s Oracle Card Deck (Doreen Virtue), and the card I picked said YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH. Thank you God, my Guardian Angels, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel.

Tonight I will be calling the Archangels in again; however, this time I am going to ask them to guide and work with me in making significant changes in my negative core belief system in order to recalabrate all areas of my. I will let them choose my negative core beliefs to work with.


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