Dear Archangel Raphael and John Of God Please help me to make a paradigm shift in my dreams while I sleep from a scarcity belief paradigm to an abundance and prosperity belief paradigm.


I dreamed that Paris Hilton was coming to visit. Out of the whole group, I was chosen to sing HER song. I was stressing out, because I could not remember the words. I would go blank while rehearsing it.  Everyone had confidence in me, and said I could do it. I started lucid dreaming with the idea of  inviting Paris Hilton herself to come sing her song with me . I don’t remember the lyrics to the song, but it was a very welcoming song.


Paris Hilton is famous and very wealthy, and connecting with her music and writing (even though she is not in the music business) to me is connecting with her wealth energy. I kept going blank, because I was having trouble connecting with the her energy of wealth; however, when I lucid dreamed I invited her to come up and sing with me.  Singing her song is a way of connecting with her wealth vibration.