Linda Kaye, Pink Chick Psychic And Certified Dream Coach
Linda Kaye, Psychic Medium & Dream Coach

Last night I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael for beautiful healing dreams and restorative sleep, so that I wake up feeling refreshed, transformed and enlightened.

Beautiful healing sound enlightening sleep and dreams.


I am searching for something in the closets, and I think what I am searching for are phone cords. My mother is there, and we are in a hurry. I feel like I was either a small child or with a small child.

The next thing that I know there is a big singles group that is arriving at the club in a giant bus. I am excitedly watching the bus arrive, and then suddenly I am inside the bus. The bus opens on all sides, so that we can disembark from the bus. I disembark through the front steps. I strongly desired to be part of this group, and I am looking for the host to ask if I can join in on the festivities. I am waving at everyonegetting off the bus and crossing the lawn to the clubhouse. The host I think had a blue blue jackets on.


I believe in the first dream snippet I am searching for the me that I lost in childhood.

I woke up feeling excited.  Caliente Clothing Optional Resort where I live has recently given me the title of Singles Social Host for our Sunday singles social parties. I feel honored and excited about being the Singles Social Host.  In this second dream snippet, the bus represented singles groups coming to Caliente Resort, and all sides of the bus coming down is really opening up so many possibilities for singles groups here at the club.  Also I have recently started going on non nudist related singles cruises, and I am excited about going on a European singles cruise next year.

If you would like to read the article in the Tampa Bay Times about the singles event I hosted at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort on Sunday, July 7th, please click here.


My action plan is to continue to ask for much needed restorative sleep and beautiful healing dreams. Tonight I will call in Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael.