Linda Kaye

I programmed my dreams  asking for my Dream Angels and my Sleep Angels to work with me while I am sleeping and dreaming, so that I can have a peaceful and restful sleep and healing dreams.


I am sleeping in bed with my guy, and there seems to be a lot of interference. Uninvited people are coming in and out.The TV is broken in the bedroom that we are sleeping in. Somebody comes to fix the TV, which is off. Water is leaking from the ceiling all the way down the left wall of the bedroom. I close the door to the bedroom, so it does not disturb his sleep. Someone takes me to this room in which I see a very colorful couch.


My dream to me is telling me that although there has been some obstacles in the past between my guy and me, our beautiful  connection and relationship with each other is getting stronger and better. We are healing things between us, and we are going with the flow of our relationship. I closed the door to the bedroom where he is sleeping, which means to me that I am not letting unnecessary thoughts, insecurities and fears  seep into our relationship. I am protecting our relationship. I understand the water leaking. The water leaking means TO ME that there is healing going on. All that “stuff” is coming to the surface for us to heal.