Dear God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.    While I am sleeping soundly and dreaming, please help me to make a love paradigm shift while I am sleeping and dreaming and in my waking hours, so that I don’t feel so alone and isolated at times just because I am single. My purpose and my goal in programming my dreams is to divinely manifest a more active social life with metaphysical, growth oriented and fun friends, and  a long lasting relationship with my future soul mate in the most surprising ways that I will recognize.   While I am sleeping and dreaming, please help me to capture and remember the dreams and messages that I receive from you, so that I can also process and heal through my dreams in my waking hours. Thank you God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. I am Grateful.


It feels like I am in an office, and it could be a dentist office.  This man who is the dentist suddenly comes in, and he is so happy. He just met someone recently, and they are in love. I am in the conference room with him giving him a reading, and this woman is in there. I say “What about me? I am giving everyone readings, but I would like one”. This lady then starts to read me, but she is reading my personality only. The guy then says that he wants me to go somewhere with him. It appears that he has a man that he wants to set me up with.

Right before we leave, I dumped cooked plain spaghetti in the bathroom sink, and then I realized that it was clogging up the sink. I tried to take it out of the sink, and put it in the toilet, but then I noticed that the sink was really clogged up. I went and got the guy (dentist) who was in love to help me unclog the sink. Low and behold, when we went into the bathroom, the sink was no longer clogged up. 

So my teeth get worked on by the man (dentist) who is in love. I am under the impression that it is $80 per quadrant, but he says no; it is only $25 per quadrant. I told him that I always pay later and that I am billed. I then said ok I will pay it now.


 I will start with the spaghetti. I am thinking that the spaghetti is perhaps my brain fog and the blockages in my life to having the fun social life with great friends and a love life that I strongly desire to have. The spaghetti could represent clogged up communication that will soon be clearing up, so now I have to think who my communication is clogged up with. Because the guy in my dream is in love, part of the clogging up could have to do with my love life. The guy wanting to take me to meet someone definitely means that there is a soul mate for me on the way. I come up with fear when I think of the dentist; however, the dentist is in love. I did look up the dream meaning on the internet of the dentist, which I don’t normally do. I prefer to come up with my own meanings. it means again lack of communication with someone. Again, I have to think of who this lack of comunication is with. 

Angel number 80 is reminding me that I create my own reality by the beliefs that I carry within myself.  Angel number 25 shows me that major transformation is about to take place in my life. If I add 2 and 5 together, it equals the number 7; so big successes are about to happen in my life. 


I have great travel plans this year. Due to the fact that I enjoy going on singles cruises, I will be going on a singles cruise through Vacations To Go for Halloween with 100’s of other singles.  The very end of May, I am going to Montreal for a birthday party for someone that goes on a lot of singles cruises.  The following weekend I am going to Celebrate Your Life in Chicago and taking a lot of workshops from some very well known speakers. What a love fast that is going to be.  Yes, I do have an active social life when I travel; however, when I am home and socializing in the clothing optional resort where I live and love, I feel very very single. I would love to manifest more close girlfriends to hang with and a long term love relationship with a soul mate.