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Dear Greek God Asklepios  While I am sleeping and in my dreams tonight, please help me to enter into your Greek Healing Temple and guide and heal my soul from any karma and trauma in this lifetime and past lifetimes that are keeping me from being in a long lasting soul mate relationship.


I was at my parents house. In real life, they have both passed on. It was late at night, and I was in the bathroom with the light on using the straight iron on my hair. I was only able to straighten the left side  (right side in the mirror), because halfway through  my mother walked in and freaked out. She forbid me to use the straight iron, and she told me that if I continued to use it she would sell my condo. I had to hide it. I had 3 straight irons, so I took another one out, and I secretly started to straighten the right side of my hair (left side in the mirror) with the straight iron. I did not want to get caught, so I was hiding the straight irons. One I hid under the bed. My father got up due to the fact that the light was on, so I ran out of the bathroom with the straight iron still plugged in.

I literally had to wake myself out of a dead sleep to go unplug the straight iron. The second I woke up, I knew it was a dream, but I still went into my other bathroom to make sure it wasn’t plugged in. Of course it wasn’t. I don’t use a straightening iron.


I understand this dream. My hair represents my inner power and how I feel about myself. In my childhood and sometimes even as an adult, I felt powerless in the hands of my mother. This is represented by my hair. She was very intimidating, and I was deathly afraid of her. She took control of my hair when I was about 12 or 13, and she started dying it and straightening it ALL IN THE SAME DAY. In trying to change me, she was trying to change herself. She hated her hair, so she hated mine. Of course with all those chemicals being used at one time, my hair started to fall out. My hair (and me) still have not fully recovered from that trauma. The left side is my feminine side. The right side represents power to me.

In the dream, I am using the straight iron. I believe that in my dream  I am trying to get all of my mother’s negative influences out of my hair by using the straight iron, so I can move forward. First I completed the left side (in the mirror right side), and then it was a struggle to complete the right (in the mirror left side). Hiding the straight irons means that I still hold those fears inside of me even though she has passed on. I kept trying to sneak into the bathroom to use the straight iron on the right side (left side in the mirror) of my hair, because it felt unfinished. I succeeded; although I was barely able to finish it before I had to run out of the bathroom. Did I get all the negative influences out? Time will tell.

In the dream she says that she is going to take my condo away from me. She can’t, because I own it. That represents the fear of everything and everybody that I love being taken away from me, which I strongly believe has been my core belief. The light on could have several meanings. It could be the healing energy and the light going through me. Also, in my childhood, my father would turn on my bedroom light while I was sleeping if the bathroom light or hall light was left on. I could never understand him, because they were up, and my two brothers were also in the house. Could this effect my relationships with men? Yes, because my mother crossed my boundaries in every way possible, and my father with the lights. OY VEY!