Dear Archangel Raziel and Archangel Raphael.  Tonight while I am sleeping and dreaming,  please continue working with me in breaking my past life vows of celibacy and solitude, so that I can get into a loving, sexual and romantic relationship with a soul mate.  Please help me to remember the healing work that I receive from you in my dreams tonight.   Thank you. I am grateful.


First and foremost, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep last night. When I finally did fall asleep very early this morning, I dreamed that I took my golf cart out on the street to go to my doctor.  My golf cart stalled in the middle of the street in an intersection, and I had to call for help from the club. They all came to help me. 

I dreamed of this younger guy who suddenly appeared in my bed wanting to cuddle. All I wanted to do was sleep. I was embarrassed that he was so much younger than me, but I felt very drawn to him. I had a sense that I knew him.  I did not cuddle with him, but he stayed in my bed with me.  The truth is that I did not know what to do with him. He ended up being one of the men who helped me with my golf cart. 

All of a sudden, I am having sex with another man in my bed. He looked exactly like Arie, from the Bachelor.  We were both naked with him on top of me. Our faces are staring at each other.  I was surprised by his presence.  I was not ready to kiss him at first,  because I was not expecting to have sex in my bed at that moment with a total stranger, and also have it to be Ari who I am not attracted to. We finally did kiss, but I did not feel excited by that kiss.  I was just too tired. 

I dreamed of a really pretty vine growing on the wall of a restaurant I was in.


I believe that Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel are working on freeing me of my vows of celibacy. I think they are testing my readiness. Maybe this dream was all about getting me ready for a love, sex and romantic partner. To me the Golf Cart represents leisure and fun and Caliente (the clothing optional resort where I live). I did have a doctor’s appointment today, so perhaps I was getting a head start in my dreams. My doctor helps me with my hormones and my thyroid meds. Perhaps the golf cart getting stuck represents my love life, and that it is stuck in neutral with not much happening right now. Being that it was in the intersection could mean almost like I am crossing the street to something or someone new. 

My dream lover always comes into my dreams before we meet in the physical world. I will start with the younger man wanting to cuddle in my bed. I was surprised that he was in my bed, but I did not want to start something with someone so much younger then me. It felt like I even knew him, because he felt very familiar to me. I did not, however, recognize him from anyone I know in the physical world. I did, however, recognize his spirit. I felt embarrassed.  He remained in my bed even though I did not cuddle with him. 

Now for the guy who looked like Ari from the Bachelor. I believe that there is a single man (a bachelor) coming into my life.  He is single, which is a good thing.  I was not expecting us to be naked in bed together with him on top of me, since all I wanted to do was sleep.  I decided to kiss him even though I was not ready to kiss him. I did not feel anything from that kiss. Above all, I am NOT attracted to Ari from the Bachelor .

 I am well aware that the face of Ari is just put there in my dream to make the intimate encounter with my dream lover real, so that when we meet in the physical world we will “know” each other. It is never  the man who they show it to be in my dreams. Perhaps my dream guides are giving me choices, and they are preparing me for the future.  Usually when I have sex dreams like that, I know that someone will be coming into my life shortly. Perhaps this new man will be a younger man who is a great cuddler even though I was too tired and too caught off guard to experience cuddling with him in my dream. I am looking forward to more dreams with my dream lover, and to meeting him in the physical world. 

The pretty vine growing on the wall of the restaurant could be that love will be growing in my life soon. 

ADDENDUM – Someone suggested that the man was an incubus. It’s possible, but I have experienced them before, and I know what they feel like. When an incubus arrives in my sleep and my dreams, they paralyze me. This man was not an incubus.