The Freedom Of The Parakeet Dream

DREAM PROGRAMMING Dear God. I am programming my dreams with you tonight, so that we can have  conversations with each other while I am sleeping and dreaming. In my conversations with you tonight,  please show me the next right action for me to take in order for me to freely, easily and effortlessly be able to cruise and travel at least 3-4 times a year.  Please help me to  capture and remember the dreams, messages and.. Read More

My Mom Is Calling Dream

DREAM PROGRAMMING I programmed my dreams with God last night asking if we could have a conversation while I was  sleeping and dreaming. I asked for a conversation with him  in regards to what he feels I need to know in all aspects of my life in order for me to raise to a higher vibration of myself and in order for me to experience greater happier and rewarding future in all aspects of my.. Read More