Linda Kaye, Pink Chick Psychic And Certified Dream Coach
Linda Kaye


Dear  God, Angels  and John Of God. Please help me to easily and effortlessly lucid dream tonight, so  that I can open my heart, mind, body and soul  to my true love and to my true prosperity now in the most exciting and surprising ways that I will recognize and clearly and vividly remember. I have a strong desire to cruise and travel more often, and to find true love with a man who loves to travel.


Unfortunately, I did not lucid dream last night; however, I do seem to lucid dream when I do not ask to lucid dream. I will keep that in mind when I program my dreams tonight.

I remember certain segments of my dreams last night. Someone told me that they got a deal on airfare to France roundtrip for $49. I asked him for details. He said the special deal was only for him, but that he would check to see if he could include me in on this deal. A little while later, I was with a woman when I received a very detailed long message through my phone as the paper was literally coming out of my phone. I don’t think that I had a chance to read the message in my dreams; however, I did feel positive.

The other dream segment that I remember was that a pigeon flew into the bathroom, and the pigeon and I looked at each other. I closed the bathroom door leaving the pigeon in there, but this pigeon was smart. He know how to magically fly out. When the pigeon got out, he tapped me to show me he was out.


I looked up number 49 in my dream. The Angels say it is the number for someone who loves to travel, which actually makes sense, since the in the dream the roundtrip flight to France was $49. I have yet to interpret the very long message that I received through the phone; however, I had a positive feeling about it.

The pigeon appearing in my dream meant that the pigeon had a message for me regarding money and travel. I closed the door while the bird was still in the bathroom, but the bird wanted to be free. He was persistent in delivering his message to me. He knew how to fly out of the bathroom and fly free. I think maybe the bird represents financial freedom for me. Perhaps the pigeon also represents the soul of my true love. The pigeon tapping me when he flew out, was kind of him saying “Tag. You’re it” or “Ha Ha’.


I am going on a Mediterranean cruise in November of 2019, and I will be going to France.