I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael, Archangel Raziel and my angel Rhonda From Above. Rhonda From Above is from my dream the night before. I asked them to work with me in my dreams and also in my waking hours to dissolve blockages, remove my wealth walls and guide me to the right people, places and opportunities for my love life, expanding my business,  for promoting my Kindle ebooks and for great cruising opportunities in the most surprising ways that I will recognize. I asked them to raise my sense of self worth, so that I accept all those wonderful opportunities and gifts from my angels and the universe.


There was a first dream snippet that I can’t quite connect with, but I see it.

In my second dream snippet, there is this man. I feel like I could be in a relationship with this man or it also could be one of my Archangels. He is taking me somewhere, and I am taking a very long time to get ready. I keep forgetting things that I need to take with me. I need this. I need that. I just can’t get it together. I am afraid I will forget something, so I need to take extra with me.  HE is waiting in the car with the engine running. I’m thinking that it must be night time, because I can see that the head lights are on in the car. When I don’t come out, he comes inside. He is not happy with how long it is taking me to get ready. Suddenly, I discover that I am not wearing my glasses. Where are they? I have to find them. I have to see, so I can’t go without my glasses. I find them, but then I can not find my pink heels. I finally had to leave without my pink heels.  It made my heart sad to walk out the door without my pink heels. I was, however, wearing my pink sandals  and my favorite dress.


For me, I feel like this dream is working on dissolving my blockages to either being in a relationship or moving forward in my life in all avenues. The man could have been one of the Archangels or a future relationship. It appears that I am not quite ready to move forward, because I am still hanging onto some baggage.  I am confused and not clear headed. Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel  are lighting my path (the car lights), and they are ready to guide me in the direction that I asked to go in.  All I have to do is connect with the light and go with them. People, places and opportunities are waiting for me to discover them. This Archangel was pretty persistent, because he came back inside to get me.  In the dream, I couldn’t go yet; because I felt like something was missing. I did not want to forget anything. Briefly losing my glasses means that I am afraid of seeing their gifts, because I am afraid I am unworthy of the gifts from the Angels and the universe. I found my glasses, so then I could see clearly again and perhaps even my worth. I then  needed my pink heels. I ended up having to leave without my pink heels, because it was time to go. That made me emotionally sad. It literally felt like like love was missing from my heart without the pink heels. The bright side is that I was wearing pink sandals and my favorite dress anyway. I have a sense that they were taking me to the people, places and opportunities that will be an important connection for me; perhaps I am not quite ready for  love life yet.


I have a habit of taking too much baggage with me when I travel. About 1 1/2 weeks ago, I put a deposit on an 11 day Singles  Mediterranean Cruise to Morocco for December of 2018;  but I felt it was too expensive. This morning,  I changed the booking to a 7 day Singles Mediterranean Cruise to Venice in May, 2018. I feel a little sad that I cancelled that cruise, but I feel this trip is more affordable for me.


Happy that I saved the dream, sad that I lost the first snippet of the dream. Sad that I couldn’t take my pink heels with me.


Am I worthy? Am I ready for love?


I will continue to work with my Archangels in my dreams, and I will pray to them while I am awake. They listen, and they hear me.


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