Last night, I programmed my dreams with the Dream Doula from the night before and also my Soul to continue on that dream journey. That dream brought back the memories of my very early marriage, and how much it has effected me even to this day.  Click here to read yesterday’s blog post.

In dream segment 1, there is some kind of contest going on, and there is a group of women (me included) leaving in a vehicle to go somewhere. The person driving the vehicle said that we had to turn around and go back, because 7 women won the contest. We get back to the contest, and I was not one of the 7 winners.  I was number 8. I was somewhat disappointed; however, 8 stands for success, material gains, regeneration, and wealth. My interpretation of this dream is that I still have more healing to do on myself, but that I will be successful in my transformation. Someone else driving the vehicle just means to me that I do not feel in control at the moment, but soon it will change.

In dream segment 2, a bird flew into my home and was flying all around me as if he is tapping me on the back and head. Then he flew out the door.  I have a sense that he is trying to tell me something, and he is flying around me to get my attention.  Perhaps the bird is letting me know that I am being liberated from the memories and trauma from that marriage. I feel like the bird was loving.

A large green insect then flies into my home and is flying around me and back and forth. I am not crazy about flying insects.  I opened the sliding glass door to my screened in patio, so it could fly in there. I then closed the sliding glass door. In real life, doing that is not a death sentence, because I see lizards and frogs in there a lot. I believe now that the flying green insect is healing energy.

I am lucid dreaming through out my whole dream journey last night, because while I am sleeping I am repeating the dreams to myself over and over again, so I do not forget them.  I am so determined to remember these dreams that at one point during the dream  I sat down on a bench and started writing down my dreams.

I woke up at 7:01am  from my last dream segment in which there were sewing needles all over the sidewalk in front of the house that I was living in while when I  married my ex husband at 19. I was picking up the needles , and there were alot of them.  I am resolving a lot of the issues in my dreams, and I am picking up the pieces that had effected and hurt me from that very early marriage.

ADDENDUM: Here it is around 5pm eastern this evening, and I finally realize who the bird and the flying green insect were in my dream. They were my dream doula trying to get my attention. Sorry dream doula. Let’s try again tonight.