Before I went to bed last night, I traded readings over the phone with a girlfriend of mine who is a psychic and a tarot reader. We often do that for eachother.  I asked her to do a reading on the progress I am making through programming my dreams. Her one word that she saw was FORGIVENESS.  Once I master forgiveness, she sees someone coming into my life. She did not see a time frame.

I have done a hell of a lot of work on myself this last year  by programming my dreams, and I have seen major shifts in me and the progress I have made.

I enjoy waking up in the morning from my dreams to my enlightened self and my haha moments. For me, it is like a puzzle being unraveled. Currently I am programming my dreams to remove emotional blockages to bringing in a new soul mate relationship  for a long term committed relationship that is for my highest and best good that fills us both with joy and happiness.

When it was time to program my dreams last night, I asked the Mermaids of the sea and Heaven to work with me in seeing who I needed to forgive and if I needed to forgive myself. In my dreams, there was a cat who lived outside of the window. It was not my cat. The cat could not come inside, because I am allergic to cats (for real). At one point, the cat came inside; but it had to leave. Something happened, and I had to take care of the cat still living outside my window.

When I woke up, I remembered a significant healing event that I experienced in 2003, right before moving from California to Florida, I set up an appointment and went to see a Tantrika by the name of Dawn Cartwright. At the time, I was not sure why I felt so compelled to have a session with her. During our session, she took me on a guided meditation, which turned out to be life changing for me. In the meditation, I turned into a cat, and I had a huge major breakthrough. The results were that it majorly decreased the severity to my allergy to cats. If you would like to read my detailed blog post “A Powerful Guided Cat Meditation” about it, please CLICK HERE.

The cat, for me, represents my sensuality and sexuality and setting boundaries, and my mother going beyond my boundaries. Although, I worked on it years ago,   I now realize that there needs to be forgiveness towards my mother.  I also realize that the cat being outside my window is love and sex looking in. In fact, everything I have always desired is right outside my window looking in.  When I was young, my mother kept us in the house giving us extra homework  even though we had our own school homework to do while all the children were outside playing in the neighborhood. I remember always looking out the window and watching them feeling left out, isolated and like I was missing out on life. She made me feel like I was not smart enough or good enough-like something was wrong with me. My mother used to tell me that the Christmas Holiday Season was not my holiday, so I felt left out of the festivities and even New Years Eve every year. This year, I decided not to be left out of New Years Eve, and I put myself out there (instead of feeling left out). I ended up having the best New Years Eve ever. I know this has to do with the amount of healing that I am doing through my dreams.  It is those little breakthroughs that are helping me see the progress I am making.

Tonight, I will program my dreams to forgive my mother and also myself. I think I will call in the Mermaids of the sea and Archangel Raphael.  To be continued…..