I programmed  my dreams and also my sleep with  God and Archangel Raphael last night. I asked them to please help me to get a really good night’s sleep (at least 8 hours) by asking them for deep healing and restorative uninterrupted sleep. I also asked them to please help me to remember any important messages in my dreams that will  help me to transform my life without disturbing my sleep.


I am in a movie theater, and I am trying to find the perfect seat for myself, so that I can watch the movie. I don’t want to be too close, and I don’t want to be far away. I also tried to sit in a separated room from everyone else. This separated room had  windows all around  There were others in this separated room, but I was not comfortable in that room. I wanted to be with everyone else, not separated. I went back to the main area, and I passed this couple. She was nude, and they were making out. I found a friend of mine, but then she disappeared. Then another  friend said that she did not like that friend who disappeared.  I kept changing my seat, because I could not see above people’s heads. I found another friend who asked me if I wanted to do a cruise from New York to Alcapulco. In the dream, I kept falling asleep in the final seat that I chose, and it was difficult to wake myself up (as I was paralyzed for a moment), so I guess you can say I was sleeping while I was sleeping. 


This dream is showing me that I am working on expanding my life to see beyond the limitations I have put on myself; however, I have a lot of interference around me. I feel blocked from being able to see beyond my limitations. God and Archangel Raphael are showing me my limitations, and they are working with me in overcoming them, so that I can transform my life. I believe the nude woman making out with the man is my strong desire to be in a relationship. I am working on breaking free and un paralyzing myself from those limitations, and it is taking a lot of energy on my part to do that.