First, I want to say that I am boarding  the Oasis Of The Seas today to go on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, a new age/metaphysical cruise. I am very excited.  I am not sure how much I will be blogging, but then again I will want to share my experiences with the workshops and healings that I will experience. Stay tuned….

Last night, in my night dream programming , I called in God and Archangel Michael (Protection), Archangel Raphael (Healing), and Ariel (Prosperity). I asked them to work with me in raising my life condition while I am sleeping and dreaming and also while I am awake throughout the day. I also asked them to work on freeing me at the cellular level of my fear of being wealthy, and I asked them to help me find the courage and freedom to be wealthy. The fear stems from childhood. My core belief is that everything and everything that I love will be taken away from me (including money). I am not in the poorhouse or anything like that; however, I could have a million dollars and still worry about losing money.  It is difficult to experience this fear of it all being taken away from me on a daily basis. I love to shop and spend money, and I truly believe that I do that to push money away, so that noone can take it away from me.


In the dream, I am around a lot of people, and I knew a lot of them. All of a sudden I see a group of friends , and they are saying they were in an accident. They all have blood all over them, and they are saying that one person died.


I feel like the person that died is an aspect of myself that I have been holding in my cellular memory since childhood. The blood, to me, is the emotional hardships and hurdles that I have been through, and all this is being released (representing the blood).


In this segment of the dream, there was some flirting, some laughing and some playfulness going on. I went to call someone, a doctor’s office, and I got the wrong number. The woman that answered coincidentally was a doctor as well. I see this dark haired American foreign looking very handsome guy, a doctor I believe. He was listening to my conversation and hearing me laughing about the woman doctor I coincidentally called.  As it turns out, he is the doctor I am trying to get into see.  I was caught off guard and surprised that he was attracted to me. He kissed me quite passionately, and then I discovered that he was married. He was trying to tell me that their marriage was iffy. I turned him down ONLY BECAUSE I am not into married men.


My interpretation of this dream is that God and the Archangels are working on me and healing me in the spiritual sense at the cellular level and in all aspects of my life through my dreams (and in my waking hours like I asked). This is represented through connecting with doctors  in my dream.  The doctor on the phone showed me that I am connecting with the healing energy of the Archangels. The doctor kissing me in such a passionate way was actually a healing experience, because I felt desirable. The kiss also brought out my sexual desires, and I felt that my inner sexual spark  ignited. I turned the handsome and very sexy man down, because he is married and not available. I am looking for someone who is available. This man could be someone in transition at the moment; and when he is available he will come to me. I loved the kiss.