Dream programming is a very powerful way to shift and change our lives. Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Ariel and my Guardian Angel. I asked them to protect and watch over me financially to help me feel safe. . It stems from childhood in which I adopted a deep core belief that everything and everybody that I love (including money) is going to be taken away from me.

When I was very young, my biological father disappeared without a trace. I felt like he was taken away from me, because I did not deserve to be loved. As an adult, I know better now, but that belief is still stuck within the very core of my being. My mother remarried, and he adopted us (RIP).  While I was young and growing up, my parents would send care packages to my adoptive dad’s brother and his family who were “trapped” behind the Iron Curtain in Russia until they were all able to come here to America in the mid to late 80’s.  Until they came, my parents would take things that I loved and  cherished without even asking me, pack them up in  boxes and mail it to them.  As a child, I did not understand, and I developed the belief that I was not worthy of  keeping things that I loved  in my life. As a result, I have a strong fear of running out of money all through my adult life and some difficulties with keeping a loving relationship alive.

I woke up at 2:38am to record my dream. According to Denise Linn’s book “The Hidden Power Of Dreams”, dreams that occur between 1am and 3am might concern issues of self anger, purification and the will to live. It is about cleansing and purifying our lives of outdated and unrealistic beliefs about ourselves.  It is time for regeneration.

I dreamed that someone was trying to steal my dog. In real life, I do not have a dog. They told me that they were going to take my dog whether I liked it or not. My dog, for some unknown reason, was in a kennel. I believe that people wanting to steal my dog represents my state of mind about things that I love being taken away from. The dog represents love and companionship to me.  I believe the kennel represents me being trapped in that belief. In the dream, I called the police to help me stop them from stealing my dog, and they agreed to help me. To me, the police are the Angels and Archangels (the higher powers) coming to assist me. All is well. I am safe.

Tonight, I am going to ask my Archangels and my Guardian Angel to help me create a new core belief  about being able to keep everything and everybody that I love in my life (including money).