Not my license plate anymore

Last night, I programmed my dreams with God and Archangel Raphael. I asked them to please send their healing energy through me while I am sleeping and dreaming, so that I can FEEL healthy, wealthy and loved when I wake up and throughout my day.


I met a guy that a girlfriend of mine used to date.  I was actually  there when my friend met him. He was tall with a nice build with blond or grey hair, and he was wearing a tan suit.  I did not think he was a nudist. We went to dinner, and then he wanted to go to the jacuzzi at my club. The jacuzzi was up on some wooden stairs. I told him that I don’t usually go in the jacuzzi at night due to the mosquitos loving me so much, so I took some bug spray with me. All of a sudden he is lying on a beach chair totally covered in my pink towel. He said that he was covering up his hard on.


The dream I had last night felt like a precognitive dream. It felt very real, especially the part where he was covering himself with a towel due to the fact that he had a hard on.  I don’t go in the jacuzzi at night  during the Florida humid summers due to the mosquitos, If by some chance I was to go to the jacuzzi, I would take bug spray with me. I guess I am going to meet someone soon. I better buy some bug spray quickly LOL.