My friend, Amy, and I consider ourselves to be dream sisters. We discuss our dreams with eachother every morning over the phone, and then later in the afternoon or evening we call eachother to discuss who each of us is going to call into our dreams according to what we want to work on. She suggested that I call in the Greek Goddess Artemis (Diana in Roman Mythology)), because of the huntress in her.  I programmed my dreams with God, Artemis and Archangel Chamuel.  

I asked them to come into my dreams while I am sleeping to hunt for the hidden treasure within me and then show me how to claim my hidden inner treasure.I did the same with my hidden inner power, and then I asked them to help me to step up into my power.  I then asked them to take me to the hidden wealth within me and to claim it. I then asked them to show me what I need to do in my life to access my hidden inner treasure, my hidden  inner wealth and my hidden inner power. I fear all these things, because in my childhood I surpressed myself due to my fear of not being enough. I was afraid to want to much. In my past life, I accessed my treasure, my power and my wealth to use people for my gain. I no longer need to keep them hidden. I am forgiven, and I forgive myself.

This morning, I woke up  around 7:15 am from the following dream. In the dream, I discovered that I had a blackhead on my left shoulder. It  had turned an angry purple with a dark brown ugly mean looking layer surrounding it. It did not look good, and I knew I had to seek medical attention right away. In the dream, I called my friend, Amy. In real life, she is a healer and homeopath.  Our conversation was brief, but she told me not to worry and that she either had or would order the medication for me. I was also in the waiting room of some kind of medical facility wanting to have it checked out. It looked like a children’s waiting room, because everything looked small. There was a small portable potty in the waiting room. I saw  that what I needed was very high up on a the very top shelf, either a book or some medication. I got on my tippy toes, and I managed to get it down. It was the very last one.

When I woke up and looked at my phone, my Archangel Michael App immediately popped up with a message: “Yes it was I who sent you that book to help you gain insights and answers to your questions”. Although I did not program Archangel Michael into my dreams last night, as you can see he was there for me anyway. All of them were there. Thank you God, Artemis and Archangels Chamuel and Michael.

This dream, for me, means that all that anger (represented by the the festering black head on my shoulder, surpressed inside me from my childhood that keeps me from accessing the true potential of my inner power, my inner treasure and my inner wealth is now coming to the surface to be released.  When I reached up to get what I needed down from the top shelf, I was reaching up to connect with and access my inner power, my inner treasure and my inner wealth. I found them.