Last night I did my dream programming with  my Dream Guardians and Archangel Raphael  for deep healing and restorative sleep, and I also asked for help while I am sleeping and dreaming and while I am awake in divinely healing, resolving and guiding me through my health issues in the most beautiful and wonderful ways that I will recognize and clearly remember.


Last night, I woke up several times during the night. In the  dream segment that I remember, I see a man, and he has lost his home and everything in a flood. I wake up for a second, and then I go back to sleep with the conscious decision to shift and change the loss, so that he can feel like he has his home and everything back in tact again.


Of course, one dream interpretation could be the horrors of the floods in Houston and the people who are being helped. My prayers go out to them.

Another interpretation could be that the man is me. I have always lived in fear of losing everything, but I made the conscious decision to shift and change the belief of everything being taken away from me since I was a young child.

Although I don’t remember the dreams pertaining to my health, I know my dream guides are at work in healing my issues. I will ask for continued guidance tonight in my dreams.