Linda Kaye “Pink Chick Psychic”

Dear Guardian Angels, my Angels and Archangels.  have chosen to program my dreams with you tonight.  Please help me to get out of my own way, so that I can FEEL prosperous and abundant  in the most surprising way that I will  recognize. Please also make sure that my messages from you in tonight’s dream journey are loud and clear, and please help me to remember them. Thank you so much. I am grateful to you my Guardian Angels, my Angels and Archangels.


In my dream, someone  named Luna moved away. and so I decided that I wanted this one purse that she used to own. I was given the purse, but now the purse was an upside down purse. I did not want her upside down purse. At one point, I knocked on Luna’s door and we had a discussion. She was a little standoffish.  I believe that she was writing a book, so I knew that I either had a choice to finish her book or write my own book. There was a group of us who went to the grocery store together.  I felt very full and uncomfortable, because I had eaten so much from the night before. At one point, Luna decided that she was not happy with where she was now living far far away, so our group decided to leave the grocery store and go get her.  I was sitting in the backseat of the car. I could not find the charger for my phone in the car, so I got out of the car. The car disappeared and then turned into a beautiful brown horse who winnied and galloped off.


I feel wonderful, calm and peaceful.


I actually know someone named Luna who moved hours away recently. She was bipolar, and she had very erratic behavior. I have not communicated with her in a couple of years. I know there was a new pink moon last night, so I am wondering if Luna had to do with the moon. I have a very special blessed turkey feather sitting on my prosperity alter,  and there is a spirit of a horse in the feather. I call him “The Cloud”.


There was a full pink moon last night “Luna”, so I wonder if my dream was influenced by the pink moon. In this dream, Luna to me represents chaos, financial and emotional instability, so the good news is that I did not go to get her when she wanted to come back.  I did get her upside down purse in which the strap was on the bottom of the purse, not the top. The purse upside down represents my insecurities and fears.  When I got out of the car, there was a horse there, and he winnied and galloped off. I feel like the horse represented freedom and power, and I would have gone back in time to my old thoughts and ways if I had stayed in the car. To me, being in the back seat represents not being in control in all aspects of my life I feel like the horse was saying “Good job Linda. Don’t go back there!” I am keeping the lines of communication open with my spirit animal, the horse, named “The Cloud” who was with me in my dreams last night.


What exactly did the horse want me to know?


I will call in “The Cloud”, my spirit horse, tonight in my dreams and my other special blessed Turkey Feather called “The Wonderer”, an Indian Spirit, which sits on my Dream Alter in my bedroom. They were both blessed by Denise Linn.