Santorini, Greece

Before I tell you my dream,  I first must share with you that for the last couple of weeks I have been doing creative visualization. In the last few days, I have added one of my deep desires, which is to go to  Santorini Greece. In my creative visualization I have been seeing and feeling myself in this beautiful place in Greece that I have not been to in this lifetime on top of a hill right next to a white house with a blue roof. I am looking down at the ocean below, and I am experiencing in my visualization the Gods and Goddesses and the waves  of the ocean talking to me. I know they are trying to tell me something, and the only thing that I know through my visualizations is that I was married there in a previous lifetime. I feel like I am being healed there. I feel the mist of the ocean even though I am high up. It feels real. 


Dear Archangels Chamuel, Raphael and Michael. Please come into my dreams tonight, and work with me in raising my vibration, so that I can release the man that I love who I am not currently in a relationship with, and so that I no longer attract  emotionally unavailable men to me. I also asked to clean my slate and to be healed and cleansed, so that I can attract my perfect life partner and soul mate to me; and, if possible, for us ot meet on the astral plane. 


My dream was like watching a movie with romantic music and everything. There was this man and this woman who somehow met in a foreign country. They are not involved, but then all of a sudden they are running on the beach with the huge waves of the ocean brushing up on shore. They are laughing and in love. Then suddenly she is gone. The waves took her, and the music in my dream turns sad and sentimental. She either died in the waves of the ocean or she left him. Suddenly, the man is with her little girl, and he is taking her to the person who will take her home to her country. 


This dream was very powerful to me.  I am pretty clear that this had to do with my creative visualizations that I have been doing of staring into the waves of the ocean in Santorini Greece, and knowing that the waves are speaking to me.  I feel like in this past life, I was the woman; and we were in love. Suddenly she was gone. The little girl is my inner child needing to be healed, so that I can have a love like that again. The man, I feel, is from my past life there in Greece. 

Waves in my dream represented my emotions, and being in love. It made me realize that I have to visualize myself moving on from this man that I love, and being happy and free. I also googled waves, and ocean waves can  represent secrets, secret emotions,  new opportunities, or different occasions and events coming into my  life in the near future. Huge waves in dreams often signify explosions of emotions, strong feelings or significant events. For sure, the archangels were cleansing me and healing me. 


 I will call in Greek Goddess Aphrodite, and her sons Eros (God of erotic and romantic love) and Anteros (God of requited love) to assist me in my vision of traveling to Greece,  in manifesting a healthy soul mate and life partner relationship and in the continuation of healing my inner child. 


My method of creative visualization is very simple. I close my eyes, and twice a day I pretend like I am talking to a friend, and describe and feel my dreams and desires as if they are happening at that very moment. I created the home I currently live in this way.