Last night I continued programming my dreams with God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.   I asked them to please  continue working with me in my dreams without interrupting my sleep in helping me to make a major paradigm shift  from a scarcity belief paradigm to an abundance belief paradigm  in the most surprising, ways that I will recognize, so that I can raise my wealth frequency and so that I am financially solvent enough to cruise more often.  Now that Mercury is in Retrograde, I asked to be protected from the negative effects of Mercury In Retrograde.  I also asked them to please help me to capture and remember the dreams and messages that I receive from them, so that I can also process and heal through my dreams in my waking hours.


The only part of my dream that I clearly remember is that I was told that right before I take a pill to help me sleep that I have to drink juice. It would help me sleep better. This guy had a small cup of orange juice at his table, so I took it when he was not looking and walked away. All of a sudden, I hear him screaming down the hall that someone had stolen his orange juice. He was getting closer, so I took one sip of it and threw it in the trash. When he caught up to me, I no longer had the orange juice. 


The orange juice in my dream represented the juice, the nectar and the energy of life. I only needed one sip, and then I felt stronger and better. My feelings during the dream is that I felt empowered when I took the juice, and that I was taking my life back. I feel that sleep has been taken from me, because I have been having trouble sleeping lately. It is as if I took my power back. Throwing the juice in the trash  represents to me  that I am ridding myself of  my negative feelings and  beliefs regarding my love life and my financial life. The man yelling and screaming represents my negative beliefs. In my case, I am freeing myself of my scarcity paradigm and empowering myself with an abundance paradigm. I slept better too.