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I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel last night to work with me in shifting into a prosperous paradigm.  I also asked to remove blockages to getting some good strong industrial sleep.


I was given some kind of mixer like contraption or it could have been a juicer I believed it to be something that could change my life, but I needed to be shown how to use it. The two main ingredients were orange juice and wine.  Orange juice to me represents the juicy side of life. Orange also represents the sacral (sexual) chakra. Juicy to me not only represents the sexual part of life but the prosperous part of life as well. The wine to me represents celebration and the nectar of the rich.  I did not want to mix the wine with the orange juice, because I do not drink and drive.  I was planning to drive afterwards, and I wanted to be focused when I drive.  Different people wanted to show me how to use the mixer/juicer. A girlfriend of mine who I have not seen for quite awhile wanted to show me how to use it, so we decided to meet for dinner. We were holding hands as we were walking around. It felt like she was really with me. Our hearts were connected, and I felt her love. I truly feel like she visited me, and she was being supportive of helping me figure out how to use the mixer/juicer.


I feel that the mixer/juicer was showing me that I was mixing different elements of my life in forming a new and improved me. The mixer/ juicer once I figured out how to use it would juice up my life sexually and financially. I was just confused in how to do this, and my friend came to show me how to do it. To me, orange juice represents the sexual side of my life and wine represents celebration and the richness of life. Not wanting to drink and drive makes me feel like I must have a clear head in being focused in order to move forward in my life.


I felt connected to my friend, and I felt her love.


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