Last night, I programmed  my dreams  with God, Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raphael to work with me in my dreams and while I am awake in creating divine order in my  life. I also asked them to work with me in divinely balancing my hormone and thyroid levels and in healing my carpal tunnel in my right hand,  so that I can sleep through the night


This man that I have deep feelings for appeared in my dream. He walked in the door. I either greeted him when he came in the door or I saw him walk in the door, but then I went back to what I was doing. There is a lot of stuff going on around me. There are other people around asking for things. There’s a lot of clothes around that need to be sorted. I am stuffing clothes in drawers. The drawers are so full of clothes that when I try to close the drawers, the clothes are hanging out of the drawers. I am just trying to sort everything out. All of a sudden I realize that HE is waiting for me in the bedroom. He is sitting on the rear edge of the bed just waiting for me  to kiss him.  and we have not even kissed yet since he came in the door.  I thought,  “OMG! I did not kiss him when he came in the door”. That’s when I woke up at 4:30am.


I woke up with feelings of having a deep longing for HIM. HE definitely came to visit me  in my dreams very early this morning.  The clothes, to me, represent my emotions. I am trying to sort out my emotions and feelings. My emotions are coming out of me through feelings like my hormones are off, and I feel like crying inside all the time. I suddenly also have  carpal tunnel in my right hand.  I keep stuffing my emotions inside of me, because I should not be showing my feelings to him. It is, however,  making it worse for me.

I never expected to have such strong feelings for this man. I am blogging this dream and expressing my feelings to the the universe  to God, and to my angels just to get it out of inside me. In the dream, it seems like he is there in the background passively waiting for me to sort through my shit while he is sorting through whatever he is needing to sort through.  I realize that has not gone anywhere. I miss him, and I most definitely miss kissing him. That is what connected us to each other, THE KISS OF LOVE. It was the precognitive dream on March 4, 2017, when I kissed the man with the red tattoo of the woman. The tattoo said love on it in bright red letter. There is something about our  kisses that are magical, and for me it was instantly love before I  even knew that the man I kissed in my dreams and then in the physical world was the man I had been friends with for 5 years with the red tattoo of a gypsy woman on his arm. Who knew!