Dear Archangel Raziel and Archangel Raphael.  Tonight while I am sleeping and dreaming,  please continue working with me in breaking my past life vows of celibacy and solitude, so that I can get into a loving, sexual and romantic relationship with a soul mate.  Also please continue to work in helping me to break free of my past life vows of poverty. Please help me to remember the healing work that I receive from you in my dreams tonight.   Thank you. I am grateful.


Dream Segment 1 – I dreamed that a guy chose me over 2 other women. I was happy until we kissed, but then I felt disappointed. I did not feel sexually or emotionally charged and excited. I felt nothing from his unfulfilling kisses.

Dream Segment 2 – I moved into a new condo. Then I discovered that the other bedroom and bathroom were much bigger and more private. The bathroom was very colorful and pretty. I loved it.   The only problem for me to move into that other bedroom  is that I had to find some strong men to help me move my furniture into that bedroom. As I was trying to find men to help me move into the other bedroom, I ran into a man I know who had lost most of both legs. He was on crutches. I asked someone what happened, and she said that she did not want to talk about sports injuries.  There was also an outside shower in this dream that was very fancy with all kinds of gadgets. There was a pink wall hanging hanging high up on the door in the service porch of my childhood home. It came down, and it was way to high for me to put back up.


Of course, I watched Arie, The Bachelor last night (Monday), and how confused he was.  He is known as the Kissing Bandit. He kissed many women in his quest for love.  He ended up choosing Becca. He then realized that he wanted Lauren, so he broke up with Becca on National TV.

What also comes into my mind is a kissing dream I had a few nights ago.  I was having sex with Ari, The Bachelor (also known as the Kissing Bandit). When we kissed, I felt nothing-no emotional and no sexual excitement.  

A more personal interpretation is that before I met the man I was previously dating last year, we connected and kissed in my dreams about 4 or 5 months before. The kisses were fabulous, exciting and intense. When I finally connected with my dream lover in the physical world, the kisses were through the roof fabulous and so was our sexual and emotional connection. Sadly, our relationship ended late last year, and I have often wondered if I will ever have a connection like that again.  Maybe that dream segment is my fears of not having that sexual and emotional excitement again.

The second segment in my dream is that I moved into a new condo, which means to me that my soul and I are processing relationships that happened in the past, and now my dream guides are moving me into a new head space- a new way of thinking about love and relationships.  They could be getting me ready for a new relationship. They are working with me on freeing me of my past life and even present life vows of celibacy and solitude.

This especially fits in with my desire for an exciting love relationship, because in the dream I wanted to change bedrooms and bathrooms to a nicer, larger and more private bedroom.  It is showing me that I am moving beyond my limitations that were placed on me from childhood (represented by the service porch in my childhood home). Also I am moving from the limitations that I placed on myself from my past life vows of celibacy. What seem beyond my reach is now a possibility. The bathroom attached to my bedroom being more colorful and fancy means that it is a new and improved extension of the me.

 I was born with a clear memory of a past lifetime as a woman who had hurt a lot of men in her time. In my childhood home, I would get dejavu feelings in the bathroom doorway and in front of the sink in the bathroom every day and every single time I went in the bathroom.  I could see who I was in my past life each time I looked in the mirror. As young as I was, I knew why she was here in my space. She had hurt a lot of men by using them for money, and in the transition from that lifetime to this lifetime, she and I had made a vow of celibacy and poverty. Moving to a new bathroom means that I am freeing myself of my past life vows of celibacy and poverty. This is so clear to me now as I am writing this. I never shared my visions and memories with anybody until I was an adult. I kept them to myself due to shame and guilt.  My dream guides are showing me exactly where my past life vows of celibacy and poverty came from. 

In the dream in which I am looking for men to move my stuff to the new bedroom, I run across a man with amputated legs. It feels like to me that the men I have met have not been enough for me. I have experienced a lot of losses. 

The outside shower in this dream did not bother me, because I have nothing to hide.

The outside shower brings to mind a dream that I had over and over again at least 6 times when I was 21 years old after my first love had broken up with me. In every dream, he and  I were taking a private shower. We were happy in this shower. Fog surrounded us. Then all of a sudden he was not there anymore, and everyone was laughing at me in the shower. To me, the fog in the dream was love as if we were the only ones on the planet.  When he went away, so did the feeling of love.  The outside shower felt clear, and I was excited to be able to take a shower outside (being a nudist and all). 


When I first woke up, I was a bit concerned about not feeling anything with the kiss like a few nights ago with the Kissing Bandit. This dream makes me feel happy and that there is hope of love. I feel clear in my goal for a new and more improved beautiful sexual and emotional relationship. I am also thrilled to pink pieces that I am clear on which lifetime I had made those vows of celibacy and poverty. There could be other lifetimes, but my dream guides are healing me.

Thank you God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel. I am grateful.