Whenever  I am ready for a new soul mate relationship I program my dreams to meet my soul mate.  I ALWAYS have precognitive dreams about a soul mate before I meet him; however, it does not mean that he is going to be my forever love partner. I have come to learn that there is no perfect soul mate – just the right soul mate as determined by God. This time I am looking for the right soul mate for me and a forever love partner. Our childhoods determine our beliefs about love and how we choose our soul mates and forever love partner. I am working on healing my heart and my soul through my dream journeys.


Dear God, Morpheus (Lord Of Dreams) and Angus Mac Og (Lord Of Love). Please continue to work with me in my dreams tonight in removing any obstacles that are preventing me from getting into a long lasting  soul mate relationship, and please open my heart to receiving and accepting love. Please also help me to experience  beautiful vivid dreams of my right soul mate  and I connecting in the most beautiful loving and intimate ways, so that when we meet in the physical world we will already know and love each other.


I dreamed that I had a boyfriend. I strongly suspected that my boyfriend’s ex girlfriend lived downstairs from me. I lived upstairs. It was an open courtyard, so I could see where she lived from upstairs.  I placed a magnetic key on the outside of my door, so that  my boyfriend could open my door at any time. Later, I removed it, because I did not think I should leave the magnetic key  for everyone to see and for the wrong soul mate to use it. My place was very  small and a bit overcrowded.  I did not bring my luggage in there due to the fact that it would take up too much space Later, I was wearing pants and a top with totally different patterns. I asked someone if they matched. I think  she said yes.


My boyfriend  in my dream is actually an ex boyfriend from 15 years ago in real life. Truth be told, he is now dating a girl who lives next door to me, which is 100 percent perfectly fine with me. They are the perfect match. His ex in the dream was someone I found out that he was dating when we were dating, which is why we broke up. I have a magnetic key, so I attached it to the front door to be a magnet for the right soul mate for me and  to open my heart to receiving and accepting love.  I then took the magnetic key off the front door, because I did not want his ex or the wrong soul mate  to come in. The ex living downstairs represents the old me with my old beliefs.  I am 100 percent sure that this shows me that I am ready  to start new and make a paradigm shift.  Also by taking the magnetic key of the door it shows me that I am not looking for the old kind of relationships that I have had, because I am upstairs at a higher vibration and the old girlfriend (which I believe is the old me) is downstairs at a lower vibration. I also took the magnetic key off the front door, because I did not want to attract someone at a lower vibration (represented by the ex downstairs). I am also aware that the ex represents me at a lower vibration. I am ready to make a paradigm shift, so that I can choose an emotionally available partner at a high vibration. Unfortunately, my home appeared to be very small and crowded, and I knew I could not put my luggage in there due to the fact that it would take up too much space which means to me that I have to make more room for a man and make my inner space/my heart bigger. I am clearing my emotional baggage from the past. My dream guides are showing me that by wearing unmatched clothes that there is part of me that wants a relationship, but the other part of me is used to being alone. It could also mean that I have not found my perfect match yet or that there is no such thing as a perfect match – just the right match.


It looks like I have more work to do on myself tonight before my dream guides can bring in a new soul mate that is right for me and at a higher vibration.  I will continue this dream work and dream programming on my self tonight with God, Morpheus and Angus Mac Og; however, tonight I am going to ask to meet my forever partner and right soul mate. I will invite him to come into the vibrational vortex with me.