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Dear God and Archangel Raphael. I am programming my dreams tonight for you to surround me with your dreaming and sleeping energy, so that I can have a good night’s sleep. Please also help me to capture and remember any important messages that you have for me in order to receive insight into my future.


Last night, I had a dream that I met a man at a bus stop. A woman told me that his bus stop was far away from mine; however, it then turned out that we were close by, and that we shared the same bus stop. We liked each other and felt a connection as well. I then saw the bus waiting at the bus stop. I did not get on the bus, because HE invited me to his home or work place, which is in the same bus stop near where I live and work.


Click here to read about my recent kissing dream that I posted on May 16th called “My Intimate Sexual Precognitive Healing Dream“. Whenever I begin to have kissing dreams where I am passionately kissing a man, I always meet HIM within 6 months of the dreams, and our relationship is always as deeply passionate as the dreams are. In the last two weeks, I have begun to have kissing dreams again, so I am excited that someone is coming into my life soon. I am looking forward to meeting him. I feel like the dream I had last night was an extension of the kissing dream that I had on May 16th.

Bus stops are places to wait, and yes I have been waiting awhile to meet someone. Since I did eventually see the bus waiting at the bus stop, I feel like the bus stopped and waited for me to take me on the journey to meet my Dream Lover.  I feel like this dream is telling me that HE is not far  from coming into my life. He is coming soon.  For me, since I am not driving, a bus represents that I do not feel in control of my love life at the moment; however, I get the feeling that things will change soon. Whoever this man is, since we share the same bus stop, we will share the same interests. Since bus stops represent public transportation, this future relationship will be an official relationship.  Another way to interpret this dream is that each bus stop could be representing a potential dream lover. 

I do not believe that  I have met my future emotionally available Dream Lover that I am meant to be with yet. I know that God and Archangel Raphael are guiding me in his direction. I am planning on attending some singles events and singles cruises in the months ahead, so time will tell.   I am thrilled and delighted by this dream, and I cannot wait to DREAM ON. 

UPDATE 9/9/18 – This dream makes since to me now. I completely understand. I would prefer not to go into details, but some things have transpired very recently that have made me realize that this was a precognitive dream.