Linda Kaye
Certified Dream Coach & Professional Psychic Medium
The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams

On my dream journey last night, I programmed my dreams with my chosen Dream Guides, my  Dream Doula, my Soul  and Archangel Raziel.  I always include my Dream Doula and my Soul in my dreams; however, this time I invited Archangel Raziel for the specific purpose of seeing and visiting my past lifetimes in which I made vows of  poverty or perhaps financial struggling. It does not matter how much or how little money I have, I still worry about money. I could be a millionaire, and I would still worry .  I realized that there has to be some sort of guilt or fear over money that I carried from  past lifetimes. I asked Archangel Raziel and my other trusted Dream Guides to help me to cut those vow of poverty cords and to release and heal me of my old buried fear and guilt from all bodies in all dimensions and directions of time.


I dreamed of some kind of an event that I wanted to attend. It could have involved couples or something romantic.. For those who couldn’t make it to the event, they were live streaming it. I sense two brothers were involved in this live streaming.

My iphone was doing weird things.  Suddenly, there is an addition on the home screen that allows me to upload and send  pictures that I did not even know that I had taken. I am confused by this new addition on my iphone, but then slowly I figure it out.

I go to eat in a restaurant, and I am supposed to be with a group of people. The restaurant is in a building that I used to work in. The rooms keep changing, and it is as if I am floating from room to room. In every room, I am seeing people that are familiar to me or that I used to know from working in the building.  I am interacting with the people I see. One girl tells me to stop eating chocolate everyday. I know I will listen to her when I am awake; however, I grab a chocolate donut anyway; and I eat it in front of her. I am heading to the restroom, and I see this Indian man (from India) who is very familiar to me, and I am sure I used to know him.  We wave, but I need to hurry to the restroom.

I  leave the office building/restaurant, and now I am in the parking lot.  I sense that I am around others in my group.  The man from India suddenly appears, and I am suddenly sitting on the ground. The Indian man lays down on the ground on his back. He tells me that he wants me to invest in his business or that he wants to invest in mine. My friend, Rene, is suddenly there as well, and she tells me that I can trust this Indian man. He makes some kind of comment to me that I think in essence he is telling me that I need to grow and evolve. I do not remember his exact words, but I am open to improvement, evolving and growing.

In another part of my dream, I am with my mother and my brother. We are in the same house. Both my mother and I are feeling sick. I go into my old childhood bedroom, and something is causing my jeans shorts that are on my bed to jump around. I am afraid to look, so I call my mother and my brother into my bedroom to see what is jumping around in my shorts. We find a pink string with a fairy attached to it. I understand this part of my dream. I have not been paying too much attention to the fairies and my plants on my screened in porch lately.  I realize that my plants do not feel very good.


In going from room to room, I am doing Soul Retrieval and gathering the pieces of my soul that I lost.

My mother and her 3 brothers were born in Burma, but raised in India. They were poor. During World War 11, their home in India was bombed; and they became homeless. They lived on the streets for awhile among the beggars during the war. My uncles would sleep on park benches, and my mother and grandmother would sometimes find places to sleep in people’s homes and I think the Embassy. I believe my grandfather would leave for long periods of time to try and make money. One of my Uncles and my grandparents migrated to Israel, and my mother and two of my uncles eventually migrated to the United States after World War 11. I think the Indian man was an ancestor from a past life or a relative who passed away sent into my dreams to advise me regarding money. The Indian ancestor is letting me know that I got the vow of poverty through my ancestors in past lifetimes as well as this lifetime. I get it. When 911 happened, my mother was crying; because it reminded her of World War 11, and her home in India being bombed.

I get the message loud and clear when it comes to the Fairies. I have not been paying much attention to my fairies and my plants. The Jeans shorts is also telling me that I should pay attention to my genes (my ancestors).



Yes, I need to take care of my plants and my fairies. I do not want them to be sick nor do I want my plants to die. Perhaps I will get a new iphone. I am waiting for 8 to come out.


Dream Reentry into the conversation with the man from India. What more does he want me to know?. Spend more time in nature talking to my fairies. Stop allowing my mother (RIP) and my brother to control my playful nature or my love of the nudist lifestyle.