Dear God, John Of God and Goddess Lakshmi. While I am sleeping and dreaming, please help me to heal my negative unconscious beliefs about money that began in childhood and that have effected my adult life in the most surprising ways that I will recognize and remember, so that my life can be much more financially rewarding . Please show me what my negative unconscious beliefs about money are, and then help me to lucid dream and change those negative unconscious beliefs.


My dream does not appear on the surface to do about money and what I programmed my dreams for last night; HOWEVER, for the last couple of nights I have been programming my dreams to open up the door to receiving and accepting my true love and my true prosperity now.

I was at some sort of gathering, and this woman wanted to sit next to me. I told her that I was saving it for a man who I was hoping would show up.  I was not showing my true feelings for him to her. I was playing it off, because I was embarrassed that he might not show up or feel the same way. The man showed up, and I ran into his arms. We were kissing. He kept telling me how good I looked, and I kept telling him how hot he was.   I felt a definite soul connection there. The connection felt so real like our souls were connecting, and our kisses felt so real.  He probably was somewhere between 5’7″ and 5’10” with gray or white hair; although, I did not have to look too much up to kiss him. He was very handsome. I think that he had a cleft in his chin. He was also well dressed, and he had a blazer on, which I think was blue with light colored pants.


Well, I can certainly tell you that my dream lover, a definite soul connection, came to me in my dreams last night, and we connected on a soul level. I cannot wait to meet him.  I was saving a seat for him, so this tells me that  I am ready for this man to come into my life, and that I am saving a space for him in my life.  I know he is a soul mate. This is the 3rd KISSING dream that I have had in the last couple of months, which tells me that HE is on his way.

UPDATE – 10/4/18 .Yup, he came into my life. Unfortunately, he does not appear to be open to a relationship with me at this time. I am now programming my dreams for an EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE soul mate, and last night I had my kissing dream. He is on his way. Woohoo!