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I have a John of God necklace, and so before I go to sleep, I hold the stone in the necklace and I say a pray to John Of God for programming my dreams. As I pray, I feel the very strong energy from the John Of God necklace.


Dear  John Of God. While I am sleeping tonight and in my dreams, please do some healing on me to reprogram my body, mind, spirit and soul, so that I become healthier and healthier. Please also help me to make a paradigm shift in my dreams while I sleep from a scarcity belief paradigm to an abundance and prosperity belief paradigm, so that my very strong desire to cruise more often can be fulfilled. Thank you. I am grateful.


I met a guy, and I felt a very strong mutual feeling of connection between us. It felt to me like we were in the same vibration. There was drinking going on.  I wanted to help him in some way; however, he did not want my help. He pushed me away. Instead of talking and connecting everyday, he told me he would call me in one month. In the meantime, I was still in his vibration even though I was invisible to him. I could see that he was watching a video of mine of my business.


I do not know who the man was in my dreams; however, I can tell you that I strongly believe the John Of God was bringing to my attention the problems that I have in relationships with men. I am aware that I attract men who are not emotionally available to me. Since in my dream, we are in the same vibration, I have to face the fact that I have not always been emotionally available. Also, in real life, I do have men in my same vibration. I know this, because I feel them thinking of me even though we do not communicate. The feelings of being invisible sometimes is a feeling that I have in my waking life. This dream makes me feel alone and very very single, and I feel rejected.  Number one to me means a new beginning, so there is hope for love for me.


My intention is to work more with John Of God in my dreams tonight and in waking life to change my vibration, so I can become more emotionally available and attract a man to me who is more emotionally available for me. I need to do this NOW, because I have recently had dreams of kissing a man. This means that someone is coming into my life very soon. Now, more then ever, it is important to raise my vibration.

UPDATE – Yes I do know who the man was in my dream. For now, I will keep it to myself.