Psychic Love Readings By Linda Kaye "Pink Chick"

I love programming my dreams for specific results, and I have found that dream programming for myself produces positive results, and has helped me to transform my life in the most unexpected and surprising ways.


Dear  Archangel Uriel and my Divine Spirit. Please work with me in my dreams tonight in showing me and guiding  into  the life of my dreams, and please help me to surrender my life to you. Thank you Archangel Uriel and my Divine Spirit. I am grateful.


In my dream journey last night, there was a couple that I know, and they are happy and in love.  I was around them. I was feeling kind of sad, and wishing I had a relationship like that. We are all supposed to be going somewhere together. They go in the other room to take a nap. His phone rings, so I answer it. The man on the other end says that he wants to speak to the guy, and he says that he has very important news for him. I think to myself that it is something bad; however, when my guy friend takes the phone, it turns out to be very exciting news. The man who called says that his wife is pregnant. Now we are going somewhere, and I am very hungry.


I know the couple in the dream. The guy was a boyfriend of mine almost 16 years ago. It was a long time ago, and we have long since gotten over each other.  I am happy for them; however,  I have been feeling sad, because I am not in a relationship. Initially I thought that the phone call from a man to my male friend was a not so good call, but it turned out to be wonderful news. I feel like  Archangel Uriel and my Divine Spirit got through to me on the phone, and they opened up the lines of communication to the universe, God, my higher power. We have now started the ball rolling (so to speak). They are getting through to me. It is like they are guiding me into giving birth to the life of my dreams. I feel like this dream was focused on my love life, so hopefully the man of my dreams will be coming into my life soon. I know that I am hungry for love. Some months ago, I dreamed several times of a man holding me in his arms, and that there was a real deep connection. Whenever I make a connection like that in my dreams, it eventually happens.