A significant part of this dream has come true What a wonderful precognitive dream this was!  

In my dreams  the night before, I was told that I was not listening or hearing the messages that I was receiving in my dreams; so last night, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and my Dream Lady In Red. I asked to receive messages from them while I am sleeping and dreaming as to what it is that I am not hearing and listening to when it comes to love, finances and success. What am I missing?

In my dreams, I am at some resort. There are many people around. I am staying inside (although it feels like I am outside) to protect myself from the rain. There are men there.  I meet this woman there, and we become friends. That night, we decided to go to a meeting together. We get out of the car, and some guy is following us and scaring us (or at least me). We go inside the building where the meeting is, and it seems to be a very small group of people in a cubicle. At the end of the meeting, I asked a guy or two to walk us to the car to protect us and keep us safe.

I began to wake up, so I started dream gazing to see details about these guys. There were actually 3 guys who walked us to the car to make sure we were safe. One represented love, because there was a  bright red tattoo on his arm with a woman on it that said “love” in bright red letters. The others were for prosperity and success, but they did not seem as important as the one for love. The man with the red tattoo and I kissed. The kiss was hard, powerful and intense.

I felt afraid at first of the man following us, and then I felt safe inside and when the men walked us to the car. I felt love when I kissed the man with the red love tattoo. Three men tell me that I am being balanced in body, mind and soul.  Angel number 3 is the number for manifesting. Perhaps it is a blending love, prosperity and success into one.

I would like to know who this man is that I kissed. I definitely feel that kissing this man could play out in the future. I would like to know what the meeting was about, so I will be dream gazing about the meeting and the man today. I also feel like the Dream Lady in Red is showing me that she is in the dream, and that she is guiding me to love. Perhaps once love is in my life, everything else will come together.

ADDITION – This afternoon, I did some dream gazing along with drumming in the background with finding answers to what kind of meeting it was. It came to light that it was a meeting to connect with love, prosperity and success. Like I said, love is in the forefront.

UPDATE 10/21/17 – I realized a couple of weeks ago that I have been dating the man with the tattoo of the lady  from my dream. He has a large tattoo of a gypsy woman on his arm. Our chemistry & our connection is amazing, and our kisses are hard, intense and powerful (just like the dream). I dreamed him into reality. I feel like we are soul mates. Kissing by my car in a public parking lot, oh yes, that has happened.


My Amazing Juicy Kiss Dream