Last night I programmed my dreams with God and my Higher Self for continuing to raise my core vibration and for raising my wealth frequency, my success frequency, my love frequency and my health frequency. I woke up around 3 or 3:30 am to a dream that seemed incomplete to me.  Yes, the number 3 means the Angels and Ascended Masters are trying to get my attention.

In my dream, it feels like I am being pursued by someone either for love or for business. For sure I was wanted and in demand. I journaled the part of the dream I remember, and I kept seeing the letter “C”. I could not tell if it was short for a name or what. I felt like it could be someone that I needed to connect with or will connect with. Perhaps it was a sign that Archangel Chamuel wants to communicate with me or work with me in my dreams. Time will tell.

According to a website that I saw, the letter “C” in my dream could represent the passage of a waking day. It often appears in intuitive dreams that are pointing to a situation that will occur the next day. I laid in bed, and all of a sudden I had an ah ha moment that I had to separate the book that I am writing into two books, and here I thought my book was almost complete. I have been asking my higher self and God to be a perfect channel for writing my book (and now books).

In the second part of the dream, I am in my house in the dream. It is morning, and I am just waking up. The lights and the computer go on and off, and then suddenly half the day is gone. It is already 12:45pm .  My mom and my brother came upstairs, and they told me to stay upstairs.  My mom was always wanting to keep me from being seen, and she was embarrassed by the fact that I am a nudist and a psychic. My brother is also appalled by me at times, because I am a freer spirit then he is.

The next thing I know is that I am in the mall. One of my girlfriends changed her shirt in front of everyone. Some lady said that it is turning into a nudist place. I then changed in front of everybody. Then I saw a naked black physically fit man with his back to me showing his perfectly shaped butt. Sexy! WOO HOO! What I am suddenly feeling is that the fact that some of us are exposing ourselves in public, means that I am no longer hiding from my true potential and that I am ready to show the world who I am. The sexy black man is another story.

1245 is actually a message from my angels to continue to have faith and trust in the changes that I am in the process of making in my life through dream healing.  These changes may seem a little daunting and out of reach for me right now, but the angels want me to trust that they will be of long-term benefit in my life and that they will lead to new and exciting opportunities.  The angels are supporting and encouraging me to step fully into this new phase with confidence and self-belief. It is also a message of encouragement, and an acknowledgement that the changes that I am experiencing or contemplating are the right ones for me and are an important step in my spiritual and divine life path and purpose.

The Angels certainly wanted to get my attention, and they sure did. I am pretty tired today.