Manifesting through dreams

In my dreams from the night before last, I saw myself walking in higher heeled shoes (stilettos) then I am not used to wearing, and I felt unsteady walking in them. I knew that my Dream Doula and my soul were showing me that I am going to a higher love, wealth and life frequency. I had to get used to being at that frequency; so last night, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and my soul for the continuation of the raising of my love, wealth and life frequencies. I also asked for help in gaining more confidence at a higher frequency.

In my dream, I was given a small portable fan. It was an unusual fan that could do more then just put out air. It had other soothing tones. The problem was that it was an older fan and was extremely noisy and loud. It also needed to be cleaned. The fan was green, and so I put it next to my green couch. In real life I do not have a green couch.  Also, in my real life, I have a ceiling fan above my bed.  I never turn it on, because I do not like air blowing on me while I sleep. Also in my dream, I was looking for other fans that were quieter and more soothing for the purpose of putting it on the other  side of the bed where the future love of my life could sleep enjoying the air from the fan. I even saw a fan that looked like a watch and had head phones, so only he could hear the sounds of the fan.

My dream interpretation is that the fan shows that I am clearing and cleansing the air of old outdated thoughts and beliefs about money. They are noisy thoughts in my head that interfere with my wealth frequencies. The fan was green, and I put it by a green coach in my living room. The color green represents prosperity to me, and  I often sit on the coach and work in my living room.  It also looks like I am preparing for a new love and soul mate to enter my life, so I am working on clearing the air and vibrational energy in my bedroom. The fan watch shows me that it is time for new love energy and higher love frequencies in my bedroom.

My question for myself is how can I maintain higher love, wealth and life frequencies consistently in my life? I intend to ask this question in my dream journey tonight.

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