Psychic Love Readings By Linda Kaye "Pink Chick"

Dear  Archangel Ariel.  Please help me to experience deep healing and restorative  sleep without interruption.  Please work with me while I am sleeping soundly and dreaming in removing the emotional blockages to raising my wealth frequency, so that I can save more money and travel more. Thank you. I am grateful.


I was in some building, and I saw someone I knew that was sleeping in the front room. He/she had fallen on hard times. It was her/his shelter. I did not know what to do for that person, but they did not appear to want my help. Then I entered a mission where I found my friend Kris who had fallen on hard times sleeping there. She seemed abrupt with me, and she did not want my help either. 


This dream is addressing the removal of the releasing of the emotional blockages for raising my wealth frequency. I think those people who had fallen on hard times were me in a past life, and I am trying to motivate the past live me to rise to my true wealth frequency.  In that past life, I resigned myself to being poor, and in the dream I was stepping out of that poor “syndrome” and saying LET’S GO TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN (so to speak).  Also, since I was in a mission, I strongly feel that this was my past life (and possible present life) vow of poverty.


To program my dreams with Archangel Raphael, Archangel Raziel and Archangel Michael for their help in releasing me from my past life and present life vows of poverty and solitude, so that I can experience more love and abundance.