Linda Kaye
Psychic & Dream Coach


Dear  Spirit of my Ancestors. Please come into my dreams tonight while I am sleeping soundly and continue to help me in breaking free of the chains of poverty and scarcity passed down in my family from generation to generation, so that I can feel like I am enough, and so that I can open up to the flow of receiving and accepting abundance, prosperity and a beautiful relationship with the future love of my life (with whoever is for my soul’s highest and best good)  BECAUSE I AM ENOUGH. Thank you Spirit of my Ancestors. I am grateful. Sweet dreams.


Dream Segment 1

I made a decision to move, so I was looking for a new home to live in. I drove to a home that I wanted to look at for the idea of purchasing it. The couple who lived there was very kind and hospitable.I spent a lot of time looking at the house.  It looked like a lovely place, and it was within my price range. They then told me about the attached house that was also for sale. It was completely pink. Well, of course, I wanted to see it. I remember it was $220,000. I was excited to see it; however, when I walked into the house, it was not pink. They told me that the people who were living there got rid of the pink. I was disappointed to say the least, and I completely lost interest. It just wasn’t me without the pink. Both homes had lost their charm and appeal.  I then realized that I had driven 40 minutes, and that is too far from my club. I left without putting an offer on either place.

My Dream Interpretation –  It feels like I am working on shifting into a new headspace/a new frame of mind, and I am ready to leave my past behind and go on to bigger and better things in my life. In this case, it is about finding new love and increasing my wealth and abundance; however, it has to feel like I am still being me without compromising my beliefs and desires.  The pink house not being pink after all shows that I am not willing to lose my sense of self while shifting into a new frame of mind. Because the home was not pink after all, I felt disappointed  It felt like a huge let down. Yes, I love to express my pink personality; however, it is more then that. I do not want to be in a home without love. To dream of the home being too far (40 minutes away) means that I am seeking balance and security in my life; however, even though I have not found it yet, I will get to that new frame of mind where I allow love, prosperity and abundance to come into my life in God’s divine timing (angel number 220).

The number 2 could possible represent conflict  in the way I am thinking and feeling.  Different ideas, beliefs or choices , and I struggling with them. It, however, can also mean a union of two souls.