Linda Kaye
Psychic Medium & Certified Dream Coach


I am doing such great work with making the paradigm shifts that I strongly desire to make, that last night I continued programming my dreams with God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.   I asked them to please  continue working with me in my dreams without interrupting my sleep in helping me to make a major paradigm shift  from a scarcity belief paradigm to an abundance belief paradigm  in the most surprising, ways that I will recognize, so that I can raise my wealth frequency,  save more money and so that I am able travel more often and more extensively.  I also asked them to please help me to capture and remember the dreams and messages that I receive from them, so that I can also process and heal through my dreams in my waking hours.


 I was in a department store with my mother (RIP) and another older couple. The man told his wife that he did not like her anymore, because she was not pretty enough or good enough. The woman was devastated, and she made funny faces as she cried.  She asked me to walk with her away from my mother and her man. The couple disappeared from my dream. I told my mom that I decided to take an Uber home until I remembered that I had my car. I told her that I would take her home.  I think that we walked part way home. 

 I put a long white envelope in the mailbox that is located in what looked like a giant garage (maybe even an underground garage. I have a second envelope, which is unsealed and ripped open. It is full and stuffed with pictures and such.  I knew not to put in the mailbox in an unsealed envelope.   I put it  in my purse instead. I then get into a car that is waiting for me in the garage. I feel like I am going from the darkness into the light with the car.


I pondered this dream all morning. At first, this dream was confusing to me, but when I finally went back inside my dreams and put my emotions and feeliings into it, I finally was able to interpret it.

The man telling the woman that she is not pretty enough for him is what my mother instilled in me as a child  when it comes to men.  She always said that men would only want me for my money.  This effects not only my love life but my financial life as well.  In the dream, I was going to take an Uber home, but instead I drove my car home with my mother as the passenger. To me, that means that I am taking control of my life and the negative effects that my mother had on me are no longer going to be effecting me.  My feelings about the woman crying and emotional made me feel sad. 

There are two sacred white envelopes. I know that there has to be a spiritual meaning to the unopened long white envelope that I put in the mail box. One envelope is sealed and the other envelope has been torn open. It is stuffed with pictures and such coming out of it. Putting the long white sealed envelope in the mail box feels to me that what is in that unopened envelope are the negative beliefs that I am getting rid of and finally freeing myself of that I had stuffed inside of me since childhood. The other envelope shows the “stuffing” coming out revealing a lot of information that is finally ready to be released. Instead of getting rid of it in the mail box like I ALMOST did, I kept it. All the negative beliefs  that are being held inside of me are finally being revealed to me, so that I can free myself of those negative beliefs in order to make the paradigm shift that I desire to make. I did not get rid of the opened envelope. I put it in my purse, which reveals to me the freeing of my negative beliefs  of scarcity and such when it comes to money. The car appeared in the garage with the motor running, and now I am ready to drive off. It was undetermined if I were driving or if I were being taken on my journey forward into abundance. I will say either yes I am driving or my guides are driving me into a new abundance belief paradigm.


I feel happy and filled with relief that I am moving forward in my dreams, and I look forward to a productive future. In the last two years since I began my dream programming journey with my chosen dreams guides, I feel like my life has been upgraded. My income has significantly increased. My main goal for myself now is to save more money and travel more often. I am grateful to my dream guides for working with my night after night. All we have to do is ask.