Last night, once again, I programmed my night healing dreams with Lord Ganesh, Hindu God who is the destroyer of obstacles and who brings in wealth and abundance to those who ask. I am not quite ready to complete my dream programming with him, because he is so powerful. . I also added Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. She is the  Goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, youth and favorable outcomes. I ask them to please show me what is blocking a long term beautiful relationship from coming into my life, and then to please remove the blocks while I sleep and while I dream all the while sending me healing energy. I ask for removing blocks to be removed for more wealth and abundance as well. I also asked to show me what is blocking the closeness between my brothers and me, and then please help me to resolve it.

Around 4am in the morning, I woke up to a dream, and I knew it was about  romance. I usually journal it into the notes section of my phone, which I have to get up to do on my way to the bathroom. I started to do that, but I got distracted by an email, which I ALWAYS ignore until after I have done my dream journaling. The dream slipped away from me, and all I knew was that it was about romance and that there is a woman in some water. I know I should have a pad and pen by my bed, but my bed is an unusual set up. The bed has cabinets and drawers on both sides of it, so my night stand (if you want to call it that) is next to that and where I put my love alter. I am careful what I place on my alter. I have thought of putting the pad and pen in my bed, but I wear glasses. I would hate to role over them in the middle of the night and crush them. I slowly began to remember the romantic dream after I woke up from the 2nd dream around 7:30am. I begin to coach myself through the dream. I close my eyes, and I ask myself questions about what is to the right of me, the left of me, in back of me, how I feel, etc.

 I see myself as the woman in water. we are facing eachother.  I connect with her, so I can see what she sees. I have a red flower in my hair. I am in a body of water, and at first it appears that I am by myself.  I feel so sensual and erotically ready for sensual and sexual exploration. I am naked in the water. My breasts feel full of sensual and sexual energy, and I am ready.  Coaching myself through this dream, I see rocks all around me, and there is a cave in back of me. I feel like a very feminine and sensual mermaid; although, I know I am naked. It is not a dark cave. It is a light non threatening cave with the light coming out the other end. To the left and to the right are rocks. I am waiting for HIM. I see someone standing there-an energy of someone to soon come, and  I invite him into the water……

In my second dream that I woke up from around 7:30am,  I dreamed that I was working in an office, and it had to do with travel. There was a glass partition separating the people in the office from the boss. I was given a list of names, and she said it was my second chance. I had to do something with each name on the list, and then check off the names when it was complete. I kept getting distracted.  One of my brothers brings in a pink bicycle and parked it right by the glass partition. He went into the boss’s office to book travel. Some man tried to get  on the pink bicycle and ride it; however, I stopped him. I told him it was my brother’s bicycle. I held the bicycle to balance it, so it would not fall until my brother came out of the office. The man that tried to ride it, throw something like a white ball at my brother.  I stayed late, but there were then more distractions- like rotten food that had been in the desk drawers for a long time. I just could not seem to get down the list of names.  The boss did not like the fact that I stayed late, so I told her I could not work for her anymore. I then was going out to lunch with a friend, and then someone asked if she could join us.

First I will start with the rotten food. The rotten food to me feels like old outdated beliefs hidden from me that I was not aware of and that do not work for me anymore. It feels like those rotten beliefs are preventing me from feeling successful,  prosperous and loved. These old outdated beliefs are now coming to the surface for me to  see and deal with.  In the dream, I was throwing these  hidden old outdated rotten beliefs away-getting rid of them. The pink bicycle represents love to me. I am trying very hard to balance the relationship between my brothers and me, and sometimes it feels like I am the only one that is trying. As far as travel, I know my brothers ,and I like to travel.

I am also working on a travel project to bring a group of people on a new age metaphysical cruise next April.  To know more about this travel project and cruising with the Pink Chick (me), click here.

Until tomorrow…