Linda Kaye “Pink Chick”
Love Psychic Medium and
Certified Dream Coach

Last night, I decided to go on my dream journey of discovery by programming my dreams with my chosen dream guides, God and my Guardian Angel. I asked them to work with me in raising my vibration to a higher vibration of enlightenment in a surprising way that I will recognize. I also asked them to work with me on raising my wealth frequency (vibration) and to raise my income level in a surprising way that I will recognize. Last but not least, I asked for God and my Guardian Angel to light my path and guide me to becoming a marketing genius for my 3 kindle ebooks, THE SOUL MATE SERIES, in a surprising way that I will recognize. I asked for their messages to be loud and clear. Remembering dreams can be very tricky, so I always ask for my night dreams to be vivid and colorful.



I woke up around 6am from the following dream journey. I am helping a woman and also a man that I believe to be her father get rescued from a foreign country. We are planning the strategy for them to be rescued. At the end of the dream, it shows that this is a book that I am writing,  and it is completed. I am not typing it. I am handwriting the book.  I am on the verge of waking up, and I begin to lucid dream. I am repeating the code words over and over again, so that I will remember the dream when I open my eyes to write it down.  CODE WORDS – THE SQUIRREL HAS BEEN RESCUED. Unfortunately, I did lose part of this dream snippet when I opened my eyes, but I did get a significant important part of   dream journey #1.

FEELINGS WHEN I WAKE UP – Delighted and excited  that I remembered the code words, which I feel is very important in my emotional recovery.

DREAM INTERPRETATION – Squirrels like to hoard,  and perhaps I am holding onto those old outdated beliefs and childhood memories that keep me from expanding my mindset.  I am rewriting my story (my script), and perhaps spiritually fixing the father daughter connection that I had. This may also be about my issues with  my biological father disappearing or the father that adopted me when he married my mother when I was 6 years old.

REALITY CHECK – My biological father disappeared when I was 2 years old, and it has only been in the last 2 years that I have discovered the actual truth of his disappearance. My mother remarried when I was 6 years old, and he adopted my brother and me. I found out when I was 12 that he was not my real father, and I shut him down. I could not really connect to him as a father after that, only as an intruder in our house. This was sad, but true. He was very very good to us.

QUESTION FOR MYSELF –  What more do I need to release in order to be living my true authentic self with my true authentic feelings.

FUTURE FOCUS – I will continue to focus on raising  my vibration and in raising my wealth frequencies.




I woke up about 8am from the following very enlightening dream journey. I am in a house. In fact, I slept there in a bed in a bedroom. When I am awake, I notice chocolate and green cookie crumbs everywhere in the bed.  I am vacuuming up all the cookie crumbs, and I make a lot of progress in managing to get rid of all the cookie crumbs. It turns out that I am in my grandfather’s house. He kisses me on the cheek. I feel uncomfortable and awkward from all his wet kisses, because I have never met this grandfather.  This grandfather has bought me a house, and it is ready for me. I have never seen it. I am concerned, because maybe I won’t like it, and at the same time, I am very excited. I keep asking him how big the house is and how many bedrooms it has, but he is not answering me. At one point, I am searching for him. I think he is gone, but  then he comes out of the bathroom. His house is very nice, and I really like his large screened in patio. There are other people in the house, and part of the acrylic on my right thumb nail has broken. My nail girl happens to be sitting on the living room couch. She looks at it and tells me to come by the nail salon, so that she can fix it. I asked her “Really, are you there on Sundays”?

FEELINGS – Excited and on cloud 9! I feel lighter!

DREAM INTERPRETATION – In reference to the crumbs in my bed,  I believe that crumbs represent the old beliefs and blockages that are still lingering around that I had not quite released yet. The good news is that I vacuumed up the crumbs, in the bed,  so I am heading in the right direction. Perhaps, this part represents my love life.  My grandfather could be an ancestor coming to help me expand my inner space within my mindset that limits me from expressing  my greater self, including greater prosperity, greater love, etc..  In the dream he is buying me a new house, which represents that he is helping me connect with a new mindset about receiving the gifts from the universe- prosperity, love, etc.  My slightly chipped thumb nail to me means my worries or feelings of loss regarding money. In a dream a few nights ago, all of my nails broke off. Now it is just a part of a nail, so my mindset is improving. At one point, when I thought my grandfather had disappeared, he had not disappeared. He was actually coming out of the bathroom. This was a high point for me, because he did not abandon me.

REALITY CHECK – When I was 13, I met my mother’s father from Israel, but he did not speak English. I never met my father’s father, because he died during the holocaust. I always felt like I missed out on having grandparents. My dream guides are giving me that gift of grandfather energy.

QUESTION FOR MYSELF –  What else is my grandfather/ancestor trying to tell me?

FUTURE FOCUS – Focusing on my  night dreams in expanding my inner space to make room for more prosperity and for love and to continuing the work on raising my vibration.