In programming my dreams last night, I set the same intentions that I had set for the night before to continuing to do the releasing of the negative influences of my past that I have been working on through my dreams. I programmed my dreams with God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel.   I asked them to continue to work with me  in my dreams in working with me to close the door to the negative influences of my past, and then to please open the door to the life I strongly desire to have through my dreams and out in the world in my waking life where I am in the perfect permanent healthy relationship with the man of my dreams and where I am living a prosperous, abundance and successful life of of my dreams.


I dreamed that I was in a room with a lot of other people. Some guy had his pet tiger with him, and I was really afraid of the tiger, and I was very uncomfortable. He let the tiger walk around loose, and I would find him under the bench I was sitting on trying to walk between my feet, etc.. After awhile, I noticed that the tiger was not being mean at all. At one point, it sounded like the tiger said “Come here”. I could tell that he wanted me to follow him.

There was a mobile shoe repair guy, and we had to bring our shoes for repair. and a piece of paper with our information on it. I threw away the first piece of paper, because it had some writing on it from the past that I did not want to share. I then rewrote my name, address and information on the second piece of paper, and gave it to the mobile show repair person. .



This morning, I went to visit a friend of mine, and her dog was weirdly walking around me in circles. She reminded me of the tiger. I also wonder if the tiger could be my spirit animal who came to work with me in my dreams last night  helping me to move out of my fears and into my power..The mobile shoe repair guy represents my dream guides who have arrived to help me fix what has been blocking me from moving forward in my life into the life of my dreams. I threw away the old script representing the writing on the paper. I rewrote the script for the shoe repair guy.

I am in the middle of my transformation, and in  recent months I have been going through some health problems. I think this stems from all the work that I have been doing on myself through my nightly dream journeys.

ONE CARD ORACLE CARD MESSAGE  FROM THE ENERGY ORACLE CARDS – I asked what the tiger’s  message was for me in my dreams last night. I got the FIRST CHAKRA ARCHANGEL MICHAEL card. reversed. The message is loud and clear. It shows that I am facing some significant challenges right now in my desire to transform. The energy in my first chakra may be blocked regarding some fears about feeling safe. I will call Archangel Michael into my dreams tonight for support in guiding me through my transformation.

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