Linda Kaye
Love Psychic Medium & Certified Dream Coach
The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams

DREAM PROGRAMMING – God and My Soul, please guide me in getting out of my own way when it comes to having a permanent  long term soul mate relationship  and also please guide me on my path to feeling and experiencing more financial security in my life in the most surprising way that I will recognize. Please also guide me in raising to a higher I AM vibration, so that I can go to a higher level of spiritual enlightenment in the most surprising way that I will recognize. When I receive your messages and your healing energy in my dreams, please let them be loud and clear, so that I will remember them and understand them when I wake up. Thank you God and my Soul. I am grateful to you.


Dream Recall #1 – I am working on my love life issues, and I see myself going to a higher level.

Dream Recall #2 – Blood is squirting in streams out of different parts of my body. I run into my guest bathroom and try to stop the bleeding, but to no avail. Suddenly, a male energy runs into the bathroom to help me. I wake up to write down this dream. I am very curious and amazed, because I feel like I understand this dream snippet.

Dream Recall #3 – A friend gives me a $20 cash card (gift card). I am told that I need the account number in order to cash it. I find it, but I am not sure if it is the correct account number. While in the dream, I was concerned and worried.

Dream Recall #4 – I try to climb some super steep stairs to go upstairs, but I have feelings of  being afraid, so I find another set of easier stairs to go upstairs.

Dream Recall #5 – A friend in my community has terminal cancer (for real), and in the dream she shows up at a get together, and I am excited to see her. I keep asking her how she feels, and she keeps saying she is fine. I found out that there are 3 other people with terminal cancer at this gathering and I whisper it in her ear. I am a little worried about her when  I wake up.

Dream Recall #6 – My phone rings, and I see the caller ID. It says my Uncle Aaron who died 20 years ago is calling. I pick up the phone, and I yell at the person who is calling “What do you want! My Uncle is dead”! The voice on the other end says “Maybe”. It sounds like his voice, but then he says a few other words I don’t remember, and it does not sound like his voice. I get a text message printed out from him that says “HIT THINGS, TRY SOMETHING NEW AND CHOP WOOD“.  At this point I wake up to write all my dreams down. I feel amazed and happy that my Uncle Aaron called me. I adored him.


I had an ah ha moment yesterday after programming my dreams the night before and asking my chosen dream guides to help me get out of my own way in achieving my dreams, goals and desires. Yesterday afternoon, I suddenly realized why I have never remarried after a very brief marriage when I was 19 years old. I am now in my 60’s. I talked myself into being in love, and I did not pay attention to the red flags.The moment I said I DO at the ceremony, my body, my mind, my soul and spirit went into shock. I literally went numb, and I could not feel anything. On the honeymoon, I could not eat, because everything tasted like straw. Within six months of being married, I came down with severe pneumonia, and I ended up in the hospital for an extended period of time. Eventually, I left the marriage, but it took a toll on my soul. I have not allowed myself to get anywhere serious with anyone since then. I know that I am still holding that shock and trapped emotions in my body, and that I need to reclaim the lost parts of my soul.. Forgiving myself is something I asked to work last night in my dreams.

I absolutely adored my Uncle Aaron, and he died approximately 20 years ago.

My dreams kept me busy all night, because while I am sleeping I am keeping track of them. It is as if I am writing notes while I am sleeping, so I don’t forget my dreams. I was lucid dreaming to remind myself of my dreams.  I am a little tired today.


The dream where blood is squirting, for me, represents great emotional loss and the loss of vitality. In this dream, it is my past, and I feel like a part of my soul was lost at my wedding ceremony and on my honeymoon. I lost faith and trust in my emotions and feelings. The blood represents shock. I honestly feel like the male energy that ran into the bathroom was the lost part of my soul that disappeared when I went numb at my marriage ceremony and on my honeymoon.

Seeing my friend who has terminal cancer at a get together means that I will be seeing her tomorrow night at a Passover Seder.

My Uncle Aaron calling me was awesome. He gave me a message “Hit Things, Try Something new and Chop Wood. He is telling me stay on my journey of enlightenment and healing, because it is working.

The $20 was given to me in a cash card, which means it could be a gift.  The problem is that I am having trouble deciphering the account number in order to cash it. It shows me that I am getting in my own way financially?


Amazed and wowed, but very very  tired.


Did the lost pieces of my soul representing the mail energy go back into my body when he ran into the bathroom?


To continue the work I am doing in my dreams in reconnecting with the lost pieces of my soul.