I programmed my dreams last night with God and Archangel Raphael for the specific purpose of  healing my stomach problems. My stomach problems  started many years ago but became really serious in the year 2000  when I experienced some heart breaking events. Added to that is the pain in my lower left back when a painful fatty tumor developed in my lower left back during the same time. The tumor was removed, but the pain from the scar tissue has not gone away. Is it emotional? I believe it is.


I am on a tour bus with some enlightened teachers. It feels like a field trip. We get off the bus for a bathroom break and a food break. I had to go to the bathroom really bad.  It looks like we are at a Chinese food buffet. I am asking what some of the dishes are. I get an egg roll along with something that reminded me of rice. As I am walking back to the bus, I see this famous Indian teacher walking this woman who seemed to be in distress and needed assistance across the street to go inside the building. Our bus drives off without them. I speak out letting them know that they left the famous Indian guy behind, but they did not pay attention to me, because I could not think of his name. Although he did not look like Deepak Chopra in my dream, that is who he reminded me of. I then thought that perhaps he had been in a different vehicle.


I believe that God and Archangel Raphael through my dream are encouraging me to move out of the Western point of view in healing to an Eastern point of view healing. The Eastern view is more spiritual, more heart centered, and more holistically centered.


On the 8th of June (4 days ago), I had a dream that I was in a Kundalini Yoga Class. Although I am not a fan of yoga, it got me thinking. This weekend, I discovered that there is a  Kundalini Yoga Class  Tuesday mornings at the clothing optional club where I live. I  plan to take the class tomorrow. Click here to read more about that dream, which I titled BREATHE. That dream was definitely a precognitive dream.

In reference to leaving the famous Indian man behind, my mother was from India. I strongly believe that this dream showed me that I am leaving my mother’s outdated beliefs, insecurities and fears that I adopted behind. That woman who seemed to be in distress I feel represents the old me that I am leaving behind.  Now that I think about it, I believe my stomach problems most probably started when I was a child, but became more serious in 2000. I have been holding onto outdated fears, insecurities and beliefs in my solar plexus as long as I can remember.


I felt happy that I was connecting with enlightened spiritual people in my dream.


I will definitely be taking the Kundalini Yoga class tomorrow or Thursday morning, and I will continue my dream healing work.